Sunday, January 2, 2011

FoW Scenario for SpartaCon

Here is my scenario for Spartacon, I will be running a Barbarossa  game using the Early War German and Soviet army lists on the FoW "unofficial lists" website. These are driven by the game developers and forum commentors and have been largely adopted by the FoW rules writers in the past.

The scenario is this; Two German forces are moving fast to cut off the retreating Soviet forces, the Soviets are retreating eastward toward a bridge that they have been told is held in strength by an infantry force, the Germans are closing in from the north and south to surround and destry the retreating Reds.

German entry points are A and B, the Soviet forces enter along the area marked C.

In this map east is the bottom of the map.

The Germans have one tank company of Panzers and another of Czech 38ts.

The Soviets have a horde of early types; T-26, T-28, BT-5, BT-7 and the mighty T-35.

In all there will be about 4000 points to a side.


  1. WHY , JOHN, WHY!?!

    At the very least, your Wings of War game was nice if there were no interesting games going on.

  2. Because the Evil Empire must flourish!


  3. Why are you using the flames of war rules for what appears to be a horde of Russian tanks running at not-a-horde of German tanks? Your rules are better. And please, for god's sake, don't just make it shoulder to shoulder tanks moving at tanks.

  4. You know, originally I thought this was Mike posting.

    Then I noticed the board had terrain and the forces were way, way too conventional. If this were Mike, we'd be seeing Mongolian Guards vs. Chinese Anarchists, circa 1932.

  5. Mike actually HAS figures for Chinese Warlords vs japs ca 1934

    esoterica is just so luvverly!