Monday, January 3, 2011

HaT Bavarians

These come in three flavors; Command, marching and action poses. These are not nearly as crisp as Warlord or Victrix figures as they are scale-ups of the 20mm figues that HaT makes in soft plastic. That being said they are well posed and nicely proportioned. And let's face it, NOBODY else is going to do  Bavarians in helmets in 28mm plastic. I recommend these to anyone looking to do something off the beaten path, with the caveat that I have already mentioned.


The box has beautiful artwork, for wargaming purposes you don't need much more as a painting guide. Yes, they used that horrible blue for all of the figures.

OK I have another complaint. I hate molded on flags and this one has the arm and hand as part of the casting GRRRRR!  They are nicely posed and well proportioned figures, far from the chunky lead minis that are so common.

Rear of the sprue, the individual backpacks, drums, etc. allow you to paint the back of the mini before attaching the details.


Again excellent box-art

The same horrible blue, they look much better primed. A nice buit of variation in the poses without making them look like a rabble. 

I expect that they will paint up better than they look.


Probably the best art of the set.
The proportions are good but the poses seem a tad stiff, particularly the fellows reloading their muskets, it looks almost as if they are posing for a photo-op.

 There you have it; attractive and reasonably priced. In terms of plastic vs lead you could probably build a plastic Division for the price of a metal battalion.

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