Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Minor Diversion Part 4

Well, I finally got the flat coat on the minis and then touched up the metal areas with gloss coat so they are ready for business. Last word had Dan busily working on the bar itself so all there is left to do is run up a workable set of rules. Rummaging around in the dusty back corner of my mind I rmembered that there had been a set published by Games Workshop of an Ork Bar fight. A quick glance at their site showed that they had posted it in their free rules section (link here;

These seem workable but I find myself wanting to make bottles rather than use the markers provided, Dan is working on furniture for the bar so that isn't a worry. I will take a poke at making bottles, if it works you will be the first to find out!

Photos of our heroes after the break....

 While those details are being worked out I thought you may like to meet the gang; Click on the picture for a closer view:
Ivar Ironchin
Old Man Ericsson

Big Tim O'Reilly
That Kid, Billy
Horace Haymaker

Inigo The Estramadurean
Sir Robert deGulay
Sven "The Hand" Johanssen
The Barkeep
Unfortunate Ed
William the Bastard

I tried to take a "family photo" but a fight broke out;

But things finally settled down and everybody agreed to a shot (and a beer!)

As you can readily see some of my efforts at "action" poses did not turn out too well. "Unfortunate Ed" is perhaps the worst, the torso is too long, the arms too short and he got way more than his fair share of primer which left the detail blurry and his face looking like a wad of chewing gum. It probably doesn't help that when I painted him he ended up looking like a Brazilian Soccer fan.

I hope you have enjoyed this litlle series as much as I have enjoyed knocking together the models, Next time I will give myself more than 48 hours to pull it all together.

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