Wednesday, April 6, 2011

They are finally here!!!

The long awaited 15mm versions of the WW2 plastic soldiers from the aptly named Plastic Soldier Company have arrived. This issue includes T-34-76/85 models in 1/100 scale as well as Russian Infantry in Summer Uniforms. The models are molded in a crisp (but not brittle) plastic and are well-cast with good detail. Essentially these are small versions of the larger 28mm models released earlier by the same company.

Further info and photos after the break....

First we will look at the T-34. This model is well cast and  thoughtfully designed the tracks are in seperate peices so the the treads can be properly molded and they even are made so as to "sag" when assembled. Both the 76mm and 85mm turrets are included and you get a full five models in the box for $29.95, a very good value. Here are some shots of the box;

Here are the sprues;

Very well done, now on to the Infantry; these are also cast in a crisp clean manner. Some may object to assembly of the minis in this scale, I would suggest that the price of $39.95 for 130 figures including LMGs and officers more than makes up for the time spent gluing on a few arms. So, with no further ado here is the box;

And it's contents;

The box contains six indentical sprues. It is enough to start you out in Falmes of War and you will only need to add the specialist troops to have a good Russian Army.

I will be providing side by side size comparisons with Battlefront and Command Decision (Old Glory) in the near future.

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