Saturday, June 18, 2011

Some other subjects, 1/100 scale tanks from G A Models

      I am sure that at least a few of you are growing weary of my endless natterring on about 1/100 plastic model tanks......I must say that they are very cool and I like them a lot. The truth be told I have a great many models from other sources, some of which involve no plastic at all! One very important source is G A Models, Craig makes a staggering variety of small scale tanks for nearly every significant combatant. These come assembles and painted (sort of) or unassembled and in the raw resin. Prices are ridiculously cheap at US$4.00 each with nominal shipping costs. I have nearly a hundred of his tanks and armored cars and they are all well done. Sorry no rivets on the suspension support members, but they are still very good looking. I often kit them out with machine guns and other storage bits from the parts bin and add crew figures from the Comand Decsision range from Grandiosity (who also sell a lot of other really neat stuff).  So, for all you resin and lead - heads out there here are a few pictures of some M-3 Armored Cars that I built a little while ago.

And a Battlefront M-3 Medium tank

All of these were painted in Testors Olive Drab from the spray-can and given a FFW black wash before being subjected to a heavy dry-brushing and dusting.

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