Sunday, January 8, 2012

Figure Review Wargames Factory Ashigaru 28mm Japanese Warriors

     The fine folks at Michigan Toy Soldier called to say that they had gotten a re-stock on the Wargames Factory Ashigaru so I popped by to take a look. The first issue had sold out before I had a chance to even look at the box-art so I was happy to get a crack at the contents. We will look at the Ashigaru Spearmen first;

box front, boxart, still pretty dodgy, but at least the box is srurdy

the contents, now in bags so little peices don't get lost

the contents Paer2 five sprues

sprue Side A

sprue side B

more heads
legs and torsos looking good if a little stiff
arms, the hands are excellent

Next we see the Ashigaru gunners/bowmen

at first glance you would think that they are only gunners,
bows are provided for all
five more sprues, they were bagged as well
sprue side A

sprue side B
bowcases, very good looking
legs, the fabric on the crouching figures is well done

     I won't be buying these as I am not interested in the Samurai period but the are quite clearly superior products. Detail in sharp and crisp and seems to be spot on. The prices are very reasonable.

     Very highly Recommended,   John


  1. You may remember that the owner of Mich Toy Soldier Company has ripped of at least two if not more people with fraudulent credit card charges.

  2. My understanding of the situation is that he is dealing with his criminal charges and is not assciated with the business any longer. That issue appears to have been resolved. I have never encountered any problems dealing with them and I use my credit card there regularly.