Thursday, January 19, 2012


I was monkeying around trying out different pictures for the "Miniature of the Moment" (the photos that appears behind the header) when Blogger chose to tell me that I have exceeded my "photo quota". So until I get that resolved I won't have a header picture (and I might not be able to post additional photos). Perhaps this is part of their effort to get every blog monetized.

Hang in there I have called Tech Support.

Anybody out there that is familiar with Blogger and their rules (heck, I didn't even know that there was a "photo quota") feel free to provide I better off monetizing or just paying for more space? I can't say that I am fond of Picasa whic appears to be where the images get stored.


  1. Essentially your Google Account has it's own little photobook, which provides only so much space for free. If you want to upgrade, it'll cost you money. My account barely has any usage so far, though, so if you need to post something, tell me and I can post it for you.

  2. Is the photobook tied to the blog's accouont or to my email-registered account....if it is tied to my email account I can use one of my other email accounts to post through. I might just go ahead and monetize the site and buy more space, just to keep things simple.