Saturday, January 21, 2012

Storage issue solved

Having checked and found that 20G of storage will cost a whopping $5US I have decided to just buy the storage and not monetize. They say it can take a day or so before the storage comes on line so I won't be able to post photos of tonites game before Monday or I ever get things posted that quickly!

In the meantime I am off to take pictures of the new Plastic Soldier Company Panzer III model that I just picked up. That should be on line as soon as the room is available.    



  1. I got mine from Mich toy today. Plus I bought a set of of ebay also. Started my own blog. Here is a link. To bad I had looked at your posting early today I would of came by for the Old West shoot out..:)

    Link to my blog:

  2. If you have read down this far you probably noriced that I made good on my threat to list all the followers blogs a s links Yours is in there. Those are some fine-looking panzers, my friend.