Friday, March 27, 2015

Hawaiaan war canoes

The Housemartin has been dreaming about gaming the wars of King Kamehameha and looking for figures and boats to use.

I can't provide the minis but this guy certainly makes some stunning boat models, probably too pricy to game with but they are very inspiring.

Hawaiian Voyaging Canoe by Francis Pimmel
I lifted this photo from his website he makes many more types of boat....they are all superb!


  1. An exploration worth undertaking. I spent a year in Tonga and am fascinated with their ancient, stone-age empire - re-pleat with similar ocean going war canoes. A different kind of 'War in the Pacific'. Hawaiians, Samoans, Tongan, Solomon Islands and Maoris all had fabulous warrior cultures and some disturbing, fierce cannibalistic traditions. Ideal for skirmish level stuff similar to the African pulp games or Viking raiding events. Nice post.

  2. All you will need a is a fire pit to roast the pig... Sounds like it would be a wild game.

  3. John
    Found plans for the craft on ebay. Search using ship plans. The drawing is in French and has both a plan and side view. There is a good cross section of the hull

  4. Looks like the type of vessel you need to discover Aotearoa (New Zealand).