Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dystopian Wars Perhaps?

It has been a while since we played (in other words it has been a while since I took a drubbing)  Is anybody interested in playing DW this weekend, it would certainly make terrain set-up easy! We also have to dragoon Kris into GMing.

Please respond in the comments section.

So we played and had a blast! Thanks again to Kris for running the game and Tom for letting us use his lovely model boats. The British slipped past the Russians for the Win;  mostly by dint of better dice rolling (and we were faced by Tom and Brad, two men who long-ago angered the Dice Gods and have never figured out how to make amends). It was quite interesting to use a fleet that I was not familiar with. The Brits have some awesome heavy units and dangerous torpedoes, the Russians have devastating firepower at close range and all sorts of neat tools to allow them to survive long enough top use them. Neither fleet is a "technique" fleet, but they both darned good bludgeons.

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  1. Well, I shall study up on the rules and bring my cards, then.