Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Save This Date

Upcoming Gaming Events

    The next miniature gaming event for the Detroit Metro Area (if there are others in the next few months please advise in the comments)  is Drums at the Rapids.  This event is hosted by hard-working volunteers and are always fun.

 Drums at the Rapids  Friday and Saturday 18/19MAY18, in historic Fort Meigs, Perrysburg Ohio

    This event benefits from participation by the entire wargaming community, so please plan to attend and consider running a game, they don't run themselves.


  1. Back from Ft. Miegs. Pictures are posted from the con on my Facebook page. Played GETTYSBURG SOLDIERS ACW game. Love those rules. Minor Confederate victory for my side vs. Confederate loss in actual battle. 2nd game 2 hour wargame's Zombie game. I survived plus made it out with a working light truck. One other player on my team did the same, and one of the bad guys did also, although he fled into our territory. Reported killed at the first checkpoint. Both player groups started with 6 players with our group supposed to kill their group which was looting. 3 out of 12. Some pics from both games plus the other tables. 60 plus. Enjoy.

  2. Unrelated but have you seen the old WF plastics are sold by Warlord and are discounted for Xmas