Thursday, July 12, 2018

Sturdy, Cheap and Fast D.I.Y. hedges (UPDATED)

    A long while back I grew tired of loose lichen as hedges; it was either too big, too small, too disorganized or too easily moved. A chance trip to a local dollar store found me looking a a cheap door mat in natural autumn colors (it being the height of summer this item was in the "for sale cheap" section), it struck me that the stiff natural fibers of the mat would make a decent stand-in for the branches of a hedge and the durable rubberized fabric base would hold things together nicely. I thought to myself "Heck, if it doesn't work out I can just use it as a doormat in a few months" I went big and spent the $3.00US on it. I took it home and it lay in the "Projects-Someday" pile until Trunkmonkey dropped by with his 15mm Lace Wars figures. The scenario requires hedged fields, and the lichen towered over the figures in a most unsatisfactory manner. I quickly grabbed a box-cutter and sliced off a few strips of the door mat and deployed them onto the table. They looked much better, aside from the slightly garish colors. see below;

I guess they would be fine for those three weeks in the Fall when the hedges are changing..... 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Pike and Shotte tries the Dutch War of Devolution

the field of battle, the French are at the near edge 
and the Dutch and their allies are on the far side of the table

     A few days ago Trunkmonkey was kind enough to bring over his collection of Editions Brokaw 15mm Lace Wars figures and host a game of Pike and Shotte focusing on the Dutch War of Devolution. The Editions Brokaw miniatures are from a bygone age ( I can't find anywhere on Google that shows them in production anymore) simple, perhaps simplistic and a true 15mm figure. Trunkmonkey's careful painting made them look quite impressive on the table, as the picture above shows. We had a few snags in playing as it has been a VERY long time since we played a game using any of the rules from the Black Powder/ Hail Caesar family. Once we had ironed out the correct application of modifiers play moved along.

Friday, July 6, 2018

A Small Summer Refreshment

So, I found myself facing a day I knew I would be running around a lot but still wanted to get something "accomplished".  That was when my eye caught the fifth item I had ordered from TTCombat above and beyond the Building I recently posted about. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Allow me to introduce Senator Quintus Verilis Varrus ...

Senatorial Roman, Son of a noble father. Father of a hearty family.  Newly elected Magistrate of the Aventine district of Rome itself.  And someday soon an actual member of the Roman Senate. 

Monday, July 2, 2018

15mm Hard Plastic Romans

     Can it be? Somebody has begun a Kickstarter to produce 15mm hard plastic Romans. Plastic Soldier Company has shown the way with multi-scale kits. Finally somebody has looked over the 28mm wall and realized that there are a lot of gamers that prefer 15mm. Take a look at these beauties.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Size comparison QRF M-60 with Plastic Soldier Company M-60

     I imposed on R.U.P. to bring over some of his models so that I could get some side by side photos. He had some QRF kits of the M-60 in his collection and was kind enough to oblige me. R.U.P. had found the QRF models to be less than satisfactory but they were the only ones available when he was assembling his forces for Rock the Casbah.

R.U.P. added reactive armor, and extra guns, to his QRF kits
 to produce models of the Israeli Magach version

Side-By-Side the Plastic Soldier Company M-60 and T-55

     I had a moment so I did a side-by-side shot of these two offerings from PSC. I have seen the M-60 in the flesh but never been within eyesight of a T-55. I was struck at how very small the T-55 is in comparison. The grid in the background is 1/4".

Saturday, June 30, 2018

None Shall Pass; a Lion Rampant game

     While trying to recover from playing a full-on game of WRG Ancients Fifth Edition I needed a simpler way to think. My eye cast itself across the myriad of books and rules that line the walls of my library and fell upon a  copy of Osprey's Lion Rampant; I thought to myself, "There is a simple set of rules" and began to design the following scenario.

       Arthur (Artorius, or some other Briton with a highly unlikely Roman-sounding name)  has gotten wind of a Saxon plan to march up the Old Roman Road (no, not one of those arrow-straight roads that criss-cross Britain, a road that an Old Roman once lived beside, you can see his hut in the pictures) and commit a bit of invading. Arthur objected to this as he was planning on levying taxes on those same people later this year and a change of title might complicate the book-keeping. Thus he called forth his troops and set himself to stop this affront to his dignity (and Exchequer).

Arthur and the boys declare "None Shall Pass!"

Thursday, June 28, 2018

An Indulgence

the source of all the trouble

     A while back oldSarge mentioned his first wargame, this set me to thinking about mine. After a bit of reminiscing I decided that I would like to attempt to re-create that first game. I know that you can never "go back" but that isn't to say that you can't have a second sip of a fine vintage. I rummaged around in the rules vault and discovered that I still had a copy of the WRG rules and Army Lists. Delighted by the discovery I set about my task. This was made difficult by the fact that the original Gauls and Romans belonged to the fine fellow putting on the game (kudos to you, Bob Webb!) and I have started to build both Romans and Gauls several times but never completed the task. Well, the first sign of a good soldier is that difficulty is met with resourcefulness. No Romans, Later Macedonians will do instead. No Gauls, Franks will have to fill the bill. It still was a small, well-trained force faced with hordes of valiant, if undrilled, warriors.

Great Deal from Helion Books

     Helion Books is offering their "Russian Army In The Great Northern War" book at 1/3 off through The League of Augsburg blog this is a great deal on a truly superb book. If you are at all interested in this subject you really should have this book. Don't miss this deal.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

My how the time flies!

     Just over four decades ago I played in my first "real" wargame. I was hooked from the first turn. My first armies were Airfix plastics, long since given away. My first army of metal figures was Byzantines, there was only Hinchliffe available to me at the time and I avidly saved my money and bought a pack every time I had accumulated sufficient cash. They were painted with my Testors model paints and glued to whatever I could find that was roughly the right size for a base. As time passed better figures became available, first the "second generation" Hinchliffes, then Citadel brought a lovely range and just recently I returned to my love of Late Romans because of Gripping Beasts new products.

     Unlike other armies that have come and gone I still have every single Byzantine figure I ever bought. From time to time they still are deployed on the table and they fight as well as ever despite their clearly advancing age. I know I rave a bit about the quality of this or that figure but I think you should understand what we were looking at in the misty dawn of time when I was a new gamer; so I dug out some examples of how things have changed. Behold the sort of progress that upwards of forty years can make!

the family photo, time passes from left to right

Size comparison, Old Glory T-55 vs PSC T-55 vs Peter Pig T-55

    Having put a spot of paint on my new T-55 I decided to see how it compares to the venerable Old Glory version that I have in my AK-47 collection. Once again the grid lines are 1/4". Given its age the Old Glory model holds up rather well.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Cold War Workhorse Part II The PSC T-55

   I have had this kit for some time and just now realized that I had not done a review of it. So Here I go...... Plastic Soldier Company has done a great job of bringing affordable, highly-detailed models of the most common tanks to the wargaming community. In this subject they have produced an excellent model of the most common tank in the world; the Russian T-55 (and a good many of its variants). With some estimates running as high as 100,000 models made the T-55 will figure large in any wargaming of the post WW2 era.

front box art

     Molded in a medium gray plastic that shows detail well and cast without flash or noticeable mold-lines this kit provides parts to build six variants of this long serving tank.

Photo review of Conquest miniatures 28mm Medieval Knights

   I had the pleasure of reviewing the latest issue from Conquest Miniatures, Medieval Knights for the period mid1100s-1200AD. Don't let the tragically bad box-art fool you, these are really good figures!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

A more or less typical Night with Anton

I have been waiting to post this one for a while as I figured I should wait until Anton came back to the land of the living (sober) after his revelries.  I figured posting would be a good sign so now that he has made several I will launch this missive. 

So, for all of you gentle readers who have never had the pleasure of an evening at Anton's I thought I would write this one up to reflect the modus vivendi of the group. 

Review of the PSC Cold War Soviet Infantry

     I had a chance to review the new Plastic Soldier Company Cold War Soviet Infantry set. Top quality product all around!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

28mm Plastic Horse Size Comparison

     In response to a question I received I did a side-by-side size comparison of some of the plastic model horses in my "to do" pile. The grid in the background is 1/4" graph paper positioned directly behind the models to reduce parallax effects. This is in no way comprehensive, just a way for readers to get an idea of the size, proportions and detail of the various manufacturer's product.

left to right
Perrys Miniatures from their Mounted Men-at-Arms 1450-1500 kit
Conquest Miniatures Medieval Knights 1300
Gripping Beast Late Roman Heavy Cavalry (also Dark Ages Cavalry)
Warlord Lace Wars (they use the same oddly proportioned beast for all of their cavalry)
Victrix Napoleonic Austrian (sorry, I have no Victrix cavalry at all)
Fireforge Mounted Sergeants

Cold War Workhorse the PSC M-60

     I did a review and build of the Plastic Soldier Company's M-60 model for the Michigan Toy Soldier Shop
You can read my review here

     This is what the model looks like once it is built

Photo Review Gripping Beast Late Roman Heavy Cavalry

cover art, nicely done, good painting ideas 
except that the silver-faced helmet was used only for games and exercises, not battle

     I now these have been around a while now, but I finally got a chance to open up the box and start on building them. While I was doing that I thought I would do a quick photo review of the models for anyone that hasn't seen them in the flesh (er....plastic?). 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Kearsarge Komplete

     Well,  I managed to find a few hours and finished this model. Overall it was a fun build. I think the model is effective in conveying the style of the ship, even if 55% of the hull was shortened away.

side-shot, ruler for scale 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Sometimes Things Just Happen Part V

     Truth be told, I get bored easily. I just finished painting my way through a small mountain of 1/300 buildings for R.U.P. to use in his upcoming Batteltech Extravaganza. I have a dozen other projects on the "Urgent" pile but I had the itch to build a boat. I remembered that my friend Steve had expressed an interest in having one of my pre-dreadnoughts for his own and that he found the two-tier turrets of the Kearsarge class of USN battleships to be intriguing.

      Then this sort of happened.......

at the end of a couple of hours I had this worked up

another few hours brought further refinements and some paint

     She still needs a fair amount of work; guns, boats, ventilators, masts and railings, but she is taking shape nicely. As usual lots of concessions have been made to both playability and storage-space. A fair half of the hull length is missing as are the attendant midships guns. Other details have been ruthlessly pared down to the bare minimum to reduce breakage and clear deck space for the crew.
The picture below gives you an idea of how much was traded away to reduce the model to a manageable size.

this is the "missing bit" the funnels and cranes will be re-arranged to make sure
 that they appear on the model , the bow and stern have been foreshortened as well 

     I skipped on the step-by-step as there is nothing new in the modelling techniques used in this build. Check "Adventures in Blue Board and Foamcore" for step-by-step articles on my prior projects

Monday, June 11, 2018

The Gift of Brotherhood

I don't normally do too many posts, but this felt merited. I had recently gone to a wedding in northern Illinois (not far from Lake Geneva, in fact) for a friend from college, where I saw a bunch of old fraternity brothers (including the groom and his best man). At the reception, the best man and his wife ran into a problem: many of the people who came had come through a shuttle service, and they had barely missed the next-to-last shuttle to their lodging. They had to leave early the next morning and the final bus to their lodgings would be leaving at midnight.

Thankfully, I brought my Terrain with me and drove them back. Stephen, the best man, offered me money, but I turned it down because friendship, brotherhood, yadda yadda yadda. I got an unremarkable text from him asking me what my address was and didn't think about it until this  showed up.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

All Things In Moderation

     My tiny little blog has been swamped with spam comments. I apologize to everyone who wishes to post a comment, any and all comments will be cleared through to the blog but I don't want to be seen to be endorsing Pakistani "Escort Services" or Indonesian "Computer Solutions" and such. All other comments (good, bad, or indifferent) WILL be posted, I check several times a day to clear the moderation box out, please don't view this as an attempt to control or limit the discussion.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

A Little Something to Distract The Housemartin

    and a few other people as well, 
I really like the bald fellow with a cigar
Bob Murch has released further miniatures in his Pulp Figures Range among which are these delightfully evocative Mexican Officers. Bob's work just keeps getting better and I was already a big fan! Check out all of his work on his website, oddly enough entitled, Pulp Figures.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Memorial Day/Retirement Party

28MAY18 at 1300hrs My Place

Join us to celebrate the legions of heroes that have served our country and, as an aside, my retirement. Beer, Brats, Hot Dogs and Burgers will be on the grill. Bring your favorite chunk of meat to toss on the grill or a side dish to pass. If you are bringing something to share please list it the comments section to avoid duplication (unless it is chips or beer-we never have too much of either)

Please no police-themed stuff (I have had three-plus decades of that and now it is behind me- Thank God!). Gifts in the the vein of something we could share with other guests (whiskey, bourbon and rum are MY favorites) are welcomed but in no way required.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Mission Control we have achieved Escape Velocity

 yep, that is me sailing off into the sunset 
(I wish!)

     I am happy to announce that I will be retiring from my job as of 25MAY18. Thirty-two years in the trenches of Law Enforcement have taken their toll and it is time for me to move into greener (and much more relaxing) pastures. As far as what this means for the Blog, and the hobby, I am not sure; I hope to be able to devote much more of my time and energy to recreational pursuits so you are likely to be bombarded with photo essays of my travels and building projects.
       To all my regular wargaming buddies I say thank you  for your patience over the last couple of years as I have hosted far fewer games than usual while I ran up the overtime at work. This sorry situation will be remedied soon and we can return to a far more regular schedule of games.

Monday, May 14, 2018

A Romanesque Shopping Experience

So, as previously warned I was rather completely unhappy with the Lower Class (Low Quality) shops obtained from Sarissa and reviewed previously on this site.  As a result when I noted that Empires at War had added a couple of new buildings to their Spanish/Italian range, one of which looked like it could be modified into a better Roman shop row (Convent/Monastery Dormitory).  I then purchased a pair of these buildings and have completed them.  Herewith the review. 

Friday, May 11, 2018

More Dark Age Cavalry

     I finally finished the rest of my Gripping Beast 28mm plastic cavalry. They turned out rather nicely, if I say so myself.

the Big Guy himself inspecting the new recruits,
Arthur reviews his latest additions

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Acies Triplex

Now on to the Three story buildings. 

These are the last of the Timber framed set and I will be reviewing two three story buildings, a 'single' and a 'duplex'. 

We're the Knights of the Round Table (We dance when ere we're able)

Arthur and the Boys

     Actually, this is a more serious (albeit, only slightly) effort to reproduce what Arthur's "knights" looked like. Constantine III took most of the Roman soldiers stationed in Britain with him when he left to pursue imperial dreams in Gaul.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Sorting out the short ones

So with the cool gabled building finished I had some more time and banged out the two story buildings.  The last installment will be the three story buildings.  all four of these are simpler than the gabled building so assembling them went pretty smoothly.  It also did not hurt that I had already painted basically all the buildings so it was mostly just gluing.  I did have a problem with the doors (I forgot to paint them) and one was missing, but once those were sorted out all was smooth sailing. 

Thursday, April 26, 2018

A Funny thing happened on my way to the forum.

     So, three odd things happened while I was refreshing my memory on Roman construction styles and figuring out which buildings to use for my Roman games.  

     First, I learned that the Romans invented Timber framed construction.  Timber framing was used for the lowest class people's buildings.  Basically, it was just a timber frame with various "stuff" (rubble, rocks etc) stuffed in between the timbers as a matrix and then the "stuff" was smoothed over with the usual stucco (sand and limestone).  Such construction was VERY susceptible to basically ANY form of natural disaster.  Earthquakes of course, flooding almost as much, and even fires could lay low entire sections of a Roman city with this sort of construction.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Sarissa's Lower Class Shop block kit

          Otherwise known as Everything wrong with Sarissa kits in general, plus new problems unseen before this kit.  Allow me to start this review by stating that I am not the high quality modeler/constructor that Anton is.  As you peruse this review any and all "quality" that the reader finds in this kit have probably come from my pathetic efforts.  This kit is GARBAGE, or as the Brits would say "a Tip". Read on at your own peril! 

     You were warned! 

     The kit itself is very simple. 

the kit contents

     There are three sheets of MDF.  Once again it is the usual 2mm stuff that is claimed as 3mm.  Really only about 2 and a half sheets are used for the kit the remaining sheet is largely wasted due to odd laser cut angles.  There is also a fourth sheet.  I will call it 'paper'.  Sarissa does not refer to it as anything.  The sheet is visible at the top of the above picture.  basically it is about as think as card stock paper or a bit thicker, but not a millimeter.  It is floppy like paper and a GRAVE disappointment.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Arthur and the Gang

     So, I finally finished the Gripping Beast Late Roman Infantry that I have been puttering away at for the last couple of weeks. I think they turned out rather well ( aside from the hand-painted shields, that is). Now all I have to do is build and paint the twenty-one cavalry  from the two boxed of Dark Ages Cavalry that I bought and round up some Welsh-looking lads to use a skirmishers and I will have my little army ready for battle.

a solid all-infantry force, but I need some cavalry and light troops 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

A Sunday Post ... Perfect for a little religion

Well, I finally got the Temple finished.  The painting adds considerably to the production time as each side needs to dry before the next can be painted.  However, even my wife, who has nothing to do with gaming and an art background, was impressed with how this one looks when done. 

If you have been reading along with these reviews this kit is once again made out of 2mm mdf (the manufacturer claims 3mm, but that claim does not measure up!).  However, due to the significant amount of layering that goes on in this construction it has a much more solid feel when done.  This temple feels like it will survive the rigors of ham handed gamers!   

Thursday, April 12, 2018

A visit to Menards

     Home Improvement and Builder's supply places are one of my favorite locations to find unusual accessories for wargaming. A while back I discovered Eco-Rug which makes a great table surface and I had some fun playing with that. A recent trip to Menards ( a Big-box home improvement store rapidly spreading across the upper Midwest of the USA) saw me finding several items of interest.

this delightfully textured square of high density polystyrene is intended as a base for air-conditioning condensers, to me it looked like a great base to fight the newly popular mirco-skirmish games (Frostgrave et al) on, in real,life it is a darker gray

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Some Paint on my Post-Roman Britons

     Having returned from vacation I spent a few hours getting a splash of paint on the Gripping Beast Late Roman Infantry. Slow going but they are turning out fairly well.

the white tunics are a relief from the Imperial red

Sunday, April 1, 2018

And Now we begin the Sarissa buildings

     While I await the Sarissa  storefront buildings I decided to start with some easy stuff.  So here I present the Bazaar section and the Slave market. 

      Now here is what a modern recreation of a Roman Market looked like

Monday, March 26, 2018

The last round of EAW buildings

     So here is a picture of the remains of an actual building in Pompeii.

     It was probably at least three stories tall originally.  Notice the balcony built into the face of the building above the large store front doorway.  The last building I purchased from Empires At War is their Three story building with balcony. 

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Continuing efforts to fill those hills.

Onwards to the first of the more flat topped buildings.  These buildings do have a slope to their roofs so I will have to puzzle over how to correct that, but herewith the Coaching Inn and Two story house with balcony.  I also tried saving these pictures as 'medium' instead of 'original' so maybe that will deal with the photo size issues. 

Here is the Coaching Inn right out of the bag.  This one has a very innovating design element, so you have something to look forward to as you read further. 

Late Roman Infantry from Gripping Beast

     Not new, I know, but new to my workbench. These have been tempting me since they first came out. I have always had a soft-spot in my heart for Late Roman/Early Byzantine troops and these hit that spot dead-on. They also stoked the smoldering coals of my interest in Post-Roman Britain, the last vestiges of Romano-Celtic culture desperately trying to stave off the dark tide of ignorant pagan Saxons (yes, I am a fan of doomed causes). So now they are on the workbench getting painted, but that is an issue for a later post, today we look at the figures themselves.

the box, the artwork is clear and provides painting ideas without 
getting too "artsy" like the boxes from Fireforge

Friday, March 23, 2018

It takes a lot of Buildings to fill seven hills!

     So my Roman (actually Spanish according to the manufacturer) buildings have arrived and I decided I better get a building.

the finished product is quite lovely

     The majority of my buildings will be from a company called Empires at War ( hence forth 'EAW').  They have a wide range of 28mm buildings.  as well as 15mm, 10mm, and even 6mm; these come from a wide range of gaming epochs, Roman to sci/fi. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Gripping Beast Dark Ages Cavalry Kit Review

     It has been simply ages since I did a kit review, this is in part due to my life being invaded by the Castillo Project, but also in part due to my resolve not to buy more minis than I was painting (this has slowed purchases to an absolute crawl). Yet here I am with a new box of Gripping Beast Dark Age Cavalry in my hands, I suppose rules exist to guide rather than dictate.......


      As I indicated in earlier posts, I have long harbored a desire to build a Romano-British dark Ages Army. I resisted this for many reasons but found my resolve slipping when GB released their Late Roman Infantry a while back. Then I walked into Michigan Toy Soldier to find this beauty on the "New Items" shelf. The last shreds of my resistance fell away in an instant. I confess that I have always liked GB's plastic figures for their clean sculpting and realistic poses, the box was mine before I could think twice. Let's look inside, I am sure that you will be as pleased as I was.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Battlefields AAR

      I was occupied all morning in running a game but Zhodani Commando has filed an excellent report covering the convention. He also has some edifying thoughts about the hobby.

    Check out his report here

Monday, March 19, 2018

I am Arthur, King of the Britons.....

     OK, I couldn't resist the Monty Python reference. Sorry.

     Having survived the weekend from Hell (working 20 hrs of overtime, taking my wife to and from a dance convention, presenting the Castillo game at Pro or Con, and fetching my daughter from across town after a traffic accident) I decided to spend last night finishing my attempt to reproduce the Angus McBride artwork from the cover of Arthur and the Anglo-Saxon Wars from Osprey's Man At Arms series. There are things that I am still not happy with, but I believe that I have captured some of the energy of the brilliant art of McBride.

certainly no match for the Grand Master McBride, 
but he will do nicely as the commander of my Post-Roman British army

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Drivers to your stations!

So here are the Drivers in their completed chariots.  I will take this in order of fan seating positions. 

Here we have the menacing driver in the first Blue chariot as completed by Anton. 

Housemartin's Turks

     They are ready, drop by and collect them any time.

Friday, March 16, 2018

One Last Shot!

     For the near future at least, I will be taking the Castillo game to Pro or Con this weekend. If you want to play get there in the morning and sign up as I will be mothballing this for a while. The logistics of moving a game with this much terrain is a little exhausting. I may (just may) take it to the con at Fort Meigs in May, but that is still up in the air.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Housemartin, Your Turkish Delight is Almost Ready

musketeers are converted by substituting a Wargames Factory 
surplus Lace wars musket for the halberd , per your request

Curse You Angus McBride!!!!!! (UPDATED)

     I know that it is poor form to speak ill of the dead, but this goes back many years. In 1984 Angus McBride's work for Osprey's Man-At-Arms series #154 Arthur and the Anglo-Saxon Wars featured a stunning picture of McBride's reconstruction of what Arthur probably looked like in reality. The combination of subject matter and McBride's brilliant artistry left me wanting to build a Post-Roman British army with a model of the cover as my command stand. Having no one in my wargaming group that wanted to undertake building a Saxon army the idea languished for decades, rekindled every time I happened to see the cover as I was in my library. Look at the picture below to see what I am going on about.

there is a strong likelihood that I would kill to get the original artwork

CinyCon report

     My old friend Kevin has a report on his adventures in Ohio at CinyCon posted on his blog Zhodani Commando , he has pictures of games played there. Of particular interest are his lovely Samurai figures, more of which are visible if you scroll down through his postings. Kev is quite a masterful artist.


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

This Circus is No Laughing Matter (Updated)

     Having almost finished the racetrack I decided to get started on the spina; the "island" in the middle of the raceway that carried some odd temples and such. The real spine is much longer and narrower (as is the real raceway) but this had to fit on a 6'x4' table so concessions had to be made. The hardest part of all this is that every picture I found of the Circus Maximus showed a different arrangement of decorative structures arranged along the spina. In the end I gave up and just decided to add such representative decorations as I could manage in an evening.

the track with a second coat of paint, 
this was a much lighter version of my favorite color "mistint"

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Off to the Circus!

   And not the Barnum & Bailey sort either! 

      Housemartin has pulled one last con on me; he needs a place for those chariots (with the "oh-so-lovely" charioteers) to run their races. He sort of left that lying there and, being the twit that I am, I said that it would be dead easy to make a spina and then paint a track based on the board that he showed me. Thus I find myself painting a terrain mat to match the track that his boardgame came with. For all my complaining it is a simple matter as you can see below.

a 6" by 30" space in the center for the spina and a series of 4" wide pathways around it,
the first layer is in a darker shade, a lighter shade will highlight the track

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Housemartin's Arabs

   I started this project a long while back and was determined to complete it before moving on to other subjects. It took a fair bit of time but I have completed the Cavalry and the Arab Commander and his cohorts. Nothing great but they are off the workbench finally (all that remains are a couple of dozen Jannisaries).

the whole lot so far

Friday, February 23, 2018

No Biga deal

Time for the Quadriga ... Lets get this Circus underway. 

A Person of Significant Power

     Actually just a darned fine figure that I tried to paint well enough to honor the ultra-talented sculptor that made it. Brother Vinny makes a range of (rather pricey) resin models in 28mm. I don't know if they are intended for gaming or just display but I sure wish that I had the cash and painting-talent to have an army of these to call my own. Housemartin had this figure in with a few others that he had left lying about, it didn't look like much until I hit it with a coat of white primer; then it left me a bit stunned. Simply superb. Like I said I did my best but I'm not sure my brush is up to this level of sculpting.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Charioteers completed

     Having a few moments to myself I threw a quick wash on the charioteers. I think it helps the look a fair bit. Now they are finished and I can get back to the Arab Cavalry that were so rudely interrupted by this little side job.