Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Save These Dates!

    The next three miniature gaming events for the Detroit Metro Area (if there are others in the next few months please advise in the comments) are, Wintercon, Battlefields and Drums at the Rapids. I have gotten firm dates for all and intend to attend Battlefields, please make plans to do the same. These events are hosted by hard-working volunteers and are always fun.

Wintercon Saturday 24FEB18. 0900hrs-2300hrs at the Oakland Center in Oakland University. Contact Dave Durocher fort further info or to offer to run a game

Battlefields Saturday 17MAR18 (on Saint Patrick's Day, what were they thinking?) 0800hrs-2300hrs at the Livonia Elks Club, 31117 Plymouth Road, Livonia MI 48150  Website link  

 Drums at the Rapids  Friday and Saturday 18/19MAY18, in historic Fort Meigs, Perrysburg Ohio

    These events benefit from participation by the entire wargaming community, so please plan to attend and consider running a game, they don't run themselves.