Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Gaming Schedule In The Near Future

     I am finally beginning to make the transition to retired life. Part of this is the realization that I have a significant bit of control over how I spend my time. Pat of that control is getting gaming back on a regular schedule. Things look like this for the near future;

      8JUN18     1930hrs   D&D my place, new campaign will be starting, latest edition rules
      9JUN18     1900hrs   My place,  just picked up a copy of "What A Tanker" by Two Fat Lardies.   It looks like jolly fun. We will be giving that a go.

     During the week I am open to hosting a game on Wednesday or Thursday, let me know if you are free or have something in mind and I will post it.

     15JUN18     1930hrs     D&D (this is tentative depending on people's schedules)    
     16JUN18     1900hrs    My place, historical gaming

     If things work out this will be pretty much a regular schedule going forward.

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