Monday, October 24, 2016

Some Basics.....

The planned VSF campaign will require (but will not be limited to ) the following:

We are using The Men Who Would Be Kings rules from Osprey, you will need a copy, either a PDF printout or a bound copy, hard copy preferred!

An army consisting of at least enough figures to field 24points under the rules

An Army List of 60 points under the rules, this will be the ENTIRE land forces of your colony so choose wisely.

Some practical thoughts on Higher Command appearing on the table.

Some thoughtful ideas on how to handle steam-powered vehicles including AFVs.

Some thoughts on handling skirmish-sized combats (I am thinking that In Her Majesty's Name might suffice)

A list of the three most important things you want out of a campaign game.

Tom's Halloween Party is this weekend, it looks like we will be meeting next on 5NOV16 1900hrs.

oh, and wee need a name for the mythical continent, my vote is Neulandia.


  1. November 5th is Star Wars RPG. I'll email that out. I'll comment further in a bit, busy finishing a bunch of things right now. But not sure it's a good idea to increase the points right now given past experiences.

  2. John look at my blog on steam traction engine rules. This was posted on "The Men who would be kings" face book page. The facebook page is full of useful info. Plus the creator of the rules hangs out there.

  3. Army - Check

    Army list - I will pick one - check

    Pretty and Weird is how the generals should be represented. The oddest figures you have, and the best paint work. I vote for NO historical figures allowed as command figures - VSF only!

    Treat Vehicles as a unit (they are just eye candy) or agglomeration of units. By way of an example. I want a steam tank that is fast and has some point defense as well as some firepower so I buy a regular cavalry unit (6 pts) and a cannon (6 pts) total of 12 points for the cost. On the table it moves like a regular cavalry unit and when it takes damage equal to the size of a regular cavalry unit (8 points) it is disabled. If we want to include a reduction in speed at half damage or whatever other points it can be added. Meanwhile it would also have a gun onboard that shoots like a cannon (I would suggest half if moving and full if stationary), said gun can take up to four points of damage. I would also argue that the steam tank should have "point defense" ability equal to the carbines of the cavalry as well as the cannon. This would fit within the existing points system, not unbalance the game mechanics. The tanks would be clearly defined, but not impervious monsters.

    I thought the men who would be Kings was going to be the rules?

    My three M.I.T.'s: Points for army building fun and shenanigans; Easy to learn rules, Fast to play rules. T.M.W.W.B.K. meets all!

    My vote for the new continent is Jingopotamia

  4. I thought " Men who would be Kings" would be the main rules. With In her Majesty name for Skirmish. VSF find in with her majesty very well. Simple rules to play with. If there we are going to make house rules before we start doesn't make sense. As for historical figures I just spend a pile of money on figures. In the purchase I found a set of figure that represent Sean Connery, Micheal Cain and one person. If we are going off course. And not just using the rules as close as possible count me out. On my blog I posted the rules from face book for T.M.W.W.B.K for traction engines. I'm Put everything on hold until this is sorted out.

  5. Alright, posted a bunch on army size (and why we probably want to focus on getting the campaign mechanics down) in Joe's post. As to the other stuff

    - Joe has some good ideas on higher command, particularly the 3-man unit idea. Would prefer to stay away from just giving them a leadership and would rather see them hand out bonuses, like a once-a-turn Ld Reroll or a +1 to any unit within 6" (up to a maximum of 5). From 40K, Imperial Guard orders would be something to look at. Also, don't forget blunders.

    - For vehicles, I think the armor divisor is a pretty easy way of accounting for more or less steel. If you want to be simple, give them wounds like a unit and perhaps decrease their effectiveness once they hit half or something. Of course, we could also go to damage charts as well. Something along the lines of TW&T's charts where more hits get you on better charts, or perhaps Ambush Alley's where the type of weapon you use charts to how much damage you can actually cause and more hits just means you roll a better die. If I'm being honest, I think that would be a cool idea to adapt here, as you could distinguish between different weapons like machine guns, rifles, and cannons and what they do to such a machine. Pat's chassis system was also really good and probably should serve as a basis for it. Making different kinds of vehicles have different standing orders ala Tribal and Regular units would also be a good idea.

    - I haven't played In Her Majesty's Name yet, but I'll give it a shot. To once again pitch my own favorites, I think Pulp Alley has a whole bunch of customization and cool things that would really work with Dafrica, including vehicles, weird science, monsters and magic. Plus I love the card system and how it builds around dangerous terrain and random happenstance; you can always fall into a pit, get hit by a low-hanging tree branch, find an angry snake in your path or fall into a pit of quicksand. What more could you want in an African adventure?

    - Three things that I want: I want exploration to be a focus of the campaign (This has been discussed at length and is already basically true), I'd for there to be more need for diplomacy/dirty tricks/trade between Europeans (and natives, but really between each other), and I'd like things be less about how much you bring to the table, but about the personality of the forces. Goes along with what I said to Joe in his post.

    - Daftrica is not only a brilliant portmanteau, but it's a great subtle pun. Like, I'm surprised you haven't copyrighted it or something. For a suggestion, Asica (I'd love to see a bit of Indian Subcontinent and Middle East included like last time, but perhaps with more geographical cues from the original) or Thulluria (Your own little Lemuria).