Saturday, April 26, 2014

Old Sarge has gone wild

     My old and dear friend who posts as Old Sarge has really taken the bit in his teeth and charged ahead with his efforts in the Leipzig Project. Take a look at his blog to get a feel for what a REAL madman can do when he is excited by a subject. He does a lot of really cool tank modelling projects as well!

Leipzig Orbtas #7 The French VI Corps

VI Corps Marechal Marmont

Leipzig Orbats #6 The French V Corps

The French V Corps General de Division Lauriston

Leipzig Orbats #5 The French IV Corps

IV Corps General de Division Bertrand

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Leipzig Orbat In Progress

I have what looks like a pretty solid Orbat for Leipzig from the Nafziger Collection. I am calculating the divisions into our "standard" size battalions rather than trying to reproduce the wildly variable unit sizes present at the battle. the Divisional strengths will be right, there just might be fewer/more battalions than were present at the time. If anybody knows of significant flaws in this Orbat please post in the comments so I can correct the problem. I will be posting the Order of Battle a bit at a time as I build it up.

Next issue, rounding up enough people to make this work. People that are interested can contact me at with the word "Leipzig" in the title. You will need to be available to come to a couple of games before the big game so as to learn the rules.

Friday, April 11, 2014

So it looks like Leipzig!

I have been reassured that we have the resources for the event, so I think we will take a stab at Leipzig. What I need now is an inventory of everybody's troops, just to be certain. We will also have to figure out how to configure that tables (and where we will be getting said same tables).

I need somebody to get a good Orbat for all of the armies involved, the sources I have are too general. There used to be a guy named Nafziger that did them but he seems to have passed away and donated the collection to some public trust. I have not had the time to check where they went. IIRC they were very good, detailed down to the headcount od each battalion. Somebody step up[ and locate them.

Lots of villages were dotted about the battlefield so we will need plenty of buildings, I will make some basics but we will need something on the order of fifty or so  European 18th century buildings.

The sheer size of the table will exceed my tree collection as well, anybody got a bunch to add to the pile?

Players will be needed too, this is likely to happen the weekend directly following the 4th of July either a full-day (10 hours or so) or a two day with a more relaxed pace. We need people that are seriously interested in playing, congenial, non-argumentative and well-versed in Napoleonic warfare. We will not have time to be teaching the rules to people so they will have to make themselves available at certain dates prior for games where they will be familiarized with the rules. We will need about a dozen players, our regular group can fill eight of those slots so we need at least four more. I would prefer to stand back and act as a referee/photographer if we can find  more willing victims, er, players.

I have a TON of blue-board (thanks Joe) and will handle making the terrain.

Lets GO!

Friday, April 4, 2014

I picked up something at a Con

       And, no, it isn't contagious! On second thought it might be; behold displayed below, some excellent building models from the firm 4Ground Ltd and assembled and finished by the talented (and very affordable) hand of John Vincent of Quality Miniatures. I hadn't gone looking for Dark Ages buildings but once I saw them I knew that I NEEDED them. You know how that goes, right?

      The fit and finish of the kits is simply superb, the detail is crisp and clear and the size and shape are just right for 28mm gaming. John's assembly and finishing really topped them off. I was sold on them before I knew that they came with a basic, finished, interior.

the group

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Monster Game sometime this summer

I have access to a pretty large space that we can use to run a truly huge game sometime during the summer. I will cover the cost of the space so there will be no cost to the players.

The space will accommodate two tables 6'x30' or some permutation thereof. This leads to the next questions;
1. what period/scale to play.
2. what rules to use,
3. how do I round up enough minis/terrain/serious players to bring the whole thing off?