Friday, February 15, 2019

Flintcon 2019, a photo review

     Just last weekend I had the opportunity to attend FlintCon in Flint Michigan; now in its fourth year this is a fun convention with a delightfully relaxed atmosphere and lots of really good games, not to mention the outstanding Bring&Buy. The company was convivial, the food was good, and everyone seemed to enjoying themselves immensely. I ran games in the first and second sessions and thus most of the photos are from my able Associate Editor, J&R. Apologies to any games that we missed.

 just a sample of what was on offer,
Bastion Games had everything from soup to nuts, or pikemen to Panzers

a massive collection of resin ships in 28mm caught my eyes,
and nearly my wallet

then there was the 1/6 scale (that is 330mm size) Stuart

And Finally......Spartacon 2019

     It has been a disastrously hectic month for me and I have failed to bring this coverage of Spartacon 2019 to you, gentle readers, my apologies.  Hosted at the Lansing Center in Lansing Michigan in January. Once again the weather was sublime and the games were gorgeous while the Spartacon staff were friendly and helpful. I ran two games so wasn't able to get around to the tables as I had wished, photos are credited to my Associate Editor J&R, apologies to some of the games that got missed. I have tried to credit the Gamemaster and note the rules when possible.

(AEd Note: Personal apologies from myself as well. My internet is terrible and I missed our weekend games where I had intended to pass off the pictures. - JnR)

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Airfix HS-129 1/72 scale

Airfix always had cool box-art

     Still, in need of air support for my Late WW2 German force I dug around in The Vault and found this kit; a 1/72nd scale Airfix Henschel HS-129 attack aircraft. Unlike it's cousins the ME-109 and HS-123 this was a bit of an ugly beast of a kit. It certainly showed its age with raised panel lines, lots of flash and very poor fit of parts. But it fit the bill perfectly for a late war tank buster so it was off to the build table so that it was ready in time for Flintcon. A whole ton of sanding and swearing and it was completed, at least the decals were nice and thin

it started out looking like this,
hardly inspiring

the cannon looks ridiculous but is accurately sized

only the Nazis would hang a 75mm anti-tank gun under such a tiny plane

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Looking for a little help from my friends.....

    OK, you don't have to like me, or even know me. I just want to pick the collective brains of the wargaming community out there (particularly the Old Grognards that might remember playing with these minis). A friend of mine just acquired a vast lot of minis of considerable age (the original owner had been kind enough to write dates on the bottom of the bases, most are from the early1970s) and I am frankly stumped as to the origin of most of them. So please grab a cup of coffee or other adult beverage and scroll though memory lane and see if you can lend me a hand.

       If you recognize any of them please post in the comments, I am currently searching through old magazines looking for illustrated catalogs.

28mm average build
 many more after the break

Monday, February 4, 2019

Early Western Desert Command Cards

     These are for the period of time up to the beginning of the German involvement in the North African Campaign. The Italian player will find that he has to plan things in advance, move carefully and get lucky to prevail. The British will find things very much in their favor (I AM trying to be historical here guys!). This will, to a large extent, offset the gigantic numerical disparity between the opposing sides. These cards go with my WW2 rules which can be found by following this link.

Who All is going to Flintcon?

Perhaps we can carpool a little and save some gas....

Answer below or text me, I'm leaving early (06:30hrs) because I have to set up a game in the first session

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Changing Gears...

     I have to take a break from data collecting and rules-writing for a week. I am putting together the two games that I will be running at Flintcon. I still have several nations of tank data to complete (The Baltics, the Balkans and China) as well as a host of anti-tank guns to complete. After that I will put together the rules for infantry and close combat.

          Chuck, hang in there, I have started on a Command Card deck for Western Desert (the early Italian/British phase).

          In the meanwhile I am busy sorting and packing the Castle Siege game and an Operation Bagration game for the 9th. Drop by Flintcon and see the rules in action (or berate me for leaving out your favorite vehicle!).

Friday, February 1, 2019

French Anti Tank Guns

 mitrailleuse de 13,2 mm CA mle 1930   Size 2    Armor  3

Range     up to 6”     up to 18”    up to 26”
Dice         2d6+3        2d6+2          2d6
to hit         +2              +1                0
 Three shots per turn if stationary

Japanese Anti-tank guns

Type 97 automatic cannon     Size 2      Armor 3

Range     up to 6”     up to 18”    up to 26”
Dice         2d6+3        2d6+1          2d6-1
to hit         +2              +1                0
 Two shots per turn if stationary