Thursday, July 11, 2024

Another battalion joins the march to victory!


        I am finally getting a system for painting these little guys. I managed to grind out this batch in about 3.6 hours, much better than the 4+ hours yesterday. The unit is another battalion of the 3rd Swiss so nothing much new to see. I have to hunt up a 25/28mm artillery STL, it seems that each regiment had a two-gun battery to call it's own.

Epic Scale Ancients, a quick look at the new Warlord offerings


      An old fart like me isn't apt to be jumping ship to pick these up and build armies (I have 40,000+ minis in 15mm and 28mm), but if I were coming into the hobby new I would be on this like white on rice! Warlord has, once again, managed to make tiny figures that capture the look of the historic soldiers. The models are crisply cast and well detailed and rank up to look like historical formations. I plan on building DBA armies with them because why not? Let's take a look at some of the sprues.

Further Toy Soldiers Join The Fray!!!

3rd Battalion, 3rd Swiss regiment joins their brothers from Neufchatel 

       It took about four hours to get these lads sorted out, a bit of a slog even with the "toy soldier" standard paint job. I am going to try to paint a battalion a day and get these finished within the fortnight. Not very impressive up close, but at two feet they look just fine.

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Toy Soldiers on Parade


Berthier's "Canaries", the Swiss Neufchatel Battalion

       Having foolishly printed out nine battalions worth of minis I found myself having to paint them. Unable to endure that much blue paint I decided instead to paint the Swiss troops that fought under Napoleon. These were dressed largely in red coats but one bold stand-out was the troops from the Principality of Neufchatel (of which Napoleon had made Marshall Berthier the Prince). Yellow coats with bright red facings, cuffs and turnbacks was a delightfully long way away from dark blue and red cuffs so that was an instant choice.

       The minis are, well, rather simplistic. Rather than try to fight this with complex shading and highlights I have opted for a "toy soldier" approach; solid blocks of bold colors. this seems to fit the minis fairly well and greatly speeds painting! I will have to finish these and see how well I like them, but I have to say, they are giving me happy memories of playing with toy soldiers as a child.

Monday, July 8, 2024

Why Wasn't I Warned??????


what have I gotten myself into?

        So, I downloaded some STL files of Napoleonic infantry to give it a try on my 3-d printer. The figure that I printed was no award-winner but it cost less that a couple of pennies. Just for grins I populated the entire print-bed with the file and told my printer to get to work. It was humming away quite purposefully when I went to bed. This morning I awoke to a small army of minis that I now must paint. Not wanting to endure the endless blue of French units I have decided to make this the Swiss contingent; coat colors like red or yellow are much more interesting! I just need to round up an STL for foot artillery and I will be all set!

Sunday, July 7, 2024

Trenches for the Quar: Part XI, Crates

        With all of the terrain built, painted etc. all that remained was to make safe storage and transportation crates. This was a simple process because from the beginning I intended to use the bases as part of the crating system. Essentially I place two terrain boards face-to-face and then add sides just tall enough to hold them apart so that the boards don't come into contact with each other. This is easier to demonstrate than describe so off to the photos.

way back in the beginning I built the panels that the terrain was to be mounted on,
the sturdy wooden framework holds the panels flat and provides the basis for the crating system

Gaming Update; FRIDAY 12 July 24, 7pm

 I have family plans on Saturday so the game has been bumped to Friday, July 12th at 7pm, my place as usual. As yet no plans have been made regarding the subject, so if  you have ideas. pass them along!

Friday, July 5, 2024

Trenches for the Quar: Part X, Barbed wire entanglements

        No trench warfare game would be complete without  barbed wire entanglements, and as everything else except crating was done, they moved to the top of the project list. From the artwork available the Quar take a far less energetic approach to setting wire entanglements than was usually seen on the Western front of the Great War. Often the wire is depicted as a single strand strung along a line of posts, or concertina wire laid out without benefit of posts. This didn't sit right with me so I decided to lay out the sections of wire as concertina wire emplaced with posts to secure it. These would be painted and textured to match as closely as possible the terrain boards.

I cut shapes from 8" sections of Eco-Rug and hot-glued posts to the sections,
these were then given a heavy coat of the dark ground-color house paint

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Happy Birthday USA!!!!


248 years old and still going strong!!!!

Greatest country on the planet

I hope everyone has a happy 4th of July!


       And just keep in mind that if it weren't for some seditious young hot-heads with guns you would still be bowing down to this thing;

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Gaming Update; My place at 7pm Saturday July 6th

     Not sure what we are playing just yet but we are gaming at 7pm this Saturday.

Be there, or we will talk about you as is you were!

Monday, July 1, 2024

Taking a Break From the Trenches: Building Wargames Atlantic 28mm Great War Russians

        And of course I couldn't just build them "straight out of the box".  I decided to build them as two twelve-man squads and an eleven-man squad and to pose them in as different as possible ways to make them easy to tell apart (I have no idea how well this will work out when I start in on the second box). There is one squad that is pretty much all-out assaulting at a run, one squad that is a firing-line and the last one is a grenadier squad that is all decked-out for close action in a trench. By wholesale stealing bits from the earlier boxes of minis I have built from WA it was possible to generate some very distinctive poses (never, ever throw away old bits, ever!)

the "running squad", of course there is a member of the minor nobility 
waving a sword and shouting just as if was the Napoleonic wars

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Trenches for the Quar, Part IX, A shattered woods in No Quar's Land

        Zhodani Commando had asked for some shell-shattered woods as scatter terrain for No Quar's Land, and as I was finally finished with the sandbagging operation I got to work on this. At first I considered using Woodland Scenics tree armatures but they aren't terribly sturdy (train accessories, not wargaming toys) I decided to go with making my own. This also keeps the entire project scratchbuilt. 

the first thing I did was cut some bases out of left over Eco-Rug 
this is a tough flexible outdoor rug made from recycled pop bottles

Monday, June 24, 2024

Trenches for the Quar, Part VIII, End of the sandbags (at last!)

last we saw this was the extent of the sandbagging effort

        A spate of hot weather forced me to stay inside and work on this project instead of mowing the lawn (well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it). After an arduous two days where I spent almost twenty hours (on top of the fifteen or so I spent on the Great Redoubt board) sticking the horrible little things down I am finished with the sandbagging operation. Some touch-up remains to do on the boards and then there's the barbed-wire, duckboards and shattered woods to conjure up, but I am now closing in on the terminus of this commission. 

1/72 scale Great War tanks; Airfix & Emhar

        Somebody asked on Lead Adventure Forum about Great War tank sizes, specifically the Airfix Mk IV kit. I snapped some pictures  (and as long as I had the collection opened up I took pictures of the Emhar products as well). So here they are:


Saturday, June 22, 2024

Trenches for the Quar, Part VII; Sandbagging it.....

       I don't care for the look of plastic or resin sandbags. To me they look like fluffy pillows, not like a sack of earth weighing sixty to a hundred pounds. Thus I am forced to make my own (what the heck, I'm scratchbuilding everything else in this project so why not go for broke?). This brings us to the the Great Tedium, crafting miniature sandbags from clay.

it may not look like it, but there are simply thousands of sandbags in here 

Friday, June 21, 2024

Trenches for the Quar, Part VI, Final texture, drybrushing and turf


        Last we visited the battlefield it was looking a bit wet (having been freshly painted that was to be expected).  That has come and gone as has another heavy coat of wet paint and some finer texture applied into the wet paint. Once that had set the whole thing was given a two stage drybrushing of lighter shades of the basecoat (the beauty of the modern big-box home improvement store is that you can pick your color and then get smaller jars in lighter shades mixed up a tester pots). Once all that had set all that remained was to add the bit of vegetation that has survived he shelling so far.

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Trenches for the Quar, Part V Debris and texture

        As I continue to pound away at this my posts may become less frequent. This is due to the sheer volume of work, the processes used on each panel are the same and I won't waste your time by posting each day as I finish a panel. That being said, I have completed the debris ejected from the shell holes and give the boards a light bit of texture and a coat of paint.

last we saw our table it looked like this

Monday, June 17, 2024

Jumping The Shark; or Anton goes and buys a 3-D Printer

I only have one spool attached, everything I make will end up getting painted

       After ten years of talking about it and endless reading of reviews and such I finally broke down and purchased a 3-D printer. Now I can make zillions of things right in my basement (as if I'm not 40,000+ figures behind as it is!). I am now the proud owner of a Bambu A1 mini. This thing is simplicity itself, it was up and running inside of an hour of getting home from  Microcenter. Assembly consisted of attaching a couple of parts and feeding the filament into the machine. After a quick test-print of a manufacturer provided file I purchased an STL file from Wargames Atlantic Digital and it was off to the races! The results you can see below; 

gangster vs bison; the bison lost the tip of his tail to me during support clean-up,
I forgot that they have a little tuft of hair on the end of their tail and cut it off

       Soon I will be up to my eyeballs in farm animals for my Vikings to try to pillage

Sunday, June 16, 2024

D-Day at Michigan Toy Soldier, a Bolt Action extravaganza

        The good folks at Michigan Toy Soldier celebrated the 80th anniversary of D-Day by running a Bolt Action game spread across three tables and three sessions. To my dismay I was only able to attend for a short while and snap some pictures to the very nice terrain and the lovely miniatures. The scenario was the two US beaches; Utah and Omaha, and the US Paratrooper drop behind the lines to take out German artillery emplacements. The store was packed and everyone was having a grand time playing, I had to squeeze in between turns to get my pictures. So, with no more ado (and a sad lack of commentary to provide context) here are the pictures.

the paratrooper table, nasty Germans lurking about in the shrubbery

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Trenches For The Quar, Part IV; Tidying up the shell-holes and Revetments for the trenches

       Pushing ahead to get this project completed as quickly as possible the next step is to "soften" the edges of our shell-holes. The Gorilla Glue does a fine job of expanding but often has bubbles that popped and almost always has an overhang at the edge where it joins the surface.  To address these issues I paint over the surface with latex-based wallboard compound. A decent quality stiff bristle angle-tip brush about an inch wide is my weapon of choice (don't spend good money on it as this process absolutely WRECKS the paintbrush). You may have to add a bit of water to your wallboard compound, what you are looking for is the consistency of smooth peanut butter.

our battlefield as we last saw it

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Trenches for The Quar; Part III Filling in the empty spaces

        Twenty four square feet of table looks pretty blank when there are only trenches in the opposing foot-wide strips at either short end. This table needed some tactical details to make it interesting. To start with I added a mess of shell-holes, the Quar wars are sort of a Great War/Steampunk cross-breed so there would just have to be a spattering of shell-holes across the table. To add a little more interest I placed a small hill in one of the "no-man's land" sections and the shattered remains of a village in the other. Both of these features were offset toward a corner so that by rotating the panels different tactical situations could be portrayed.

first step, make a bunch of tiny bricks
second step, laboriously glue them together into the remains of a shelled building
third step, a glass of bourbon and some classical music

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Gaming Update, Tom's Place Saturday 15JUN24 at 6:pm

        Tom has graciously offered to host a game at his place this Saturday the 15th of June, 2024 at 6p.m.

We will be playing Fire & Fury

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Trenches for The Quar, Part II Blocking -in the trenches

       The handy tool that I had when I made my Great War trench board has long since burned out so I was forced to come at things from a different direction. The design that Zhodani Commando approved was based on 2" squares, so I began by making a bunch of shapes out of green-board in multiples of two; 6"x6", 4"x6", 4"x4" and so on. From there it was a simple matter to start assembling these on the wooden base-boards to match the design on the graph paper. I roughed up the surfaces of the foam with some 60 Grit sandpaper to ensure that the glue got a solid grip. I use Titebond wood glue which is water-based and won't react with the foam. I drew lines on the surface of the base boards to make sure that the trenches lined up going from board to board to avoid any unattractive dog-legs at the joints.


the first board getting laid out, a cross between Tetris and Legos
(I was never any good at either of them!)

Friday, June 7, 2024

Another Terrain Project, this time it is a Quar thing


some of my Great War trenches

        My endless taskmaster, Zhodani Commando, has fallen under the spell of the latest release from Wargames Atlantic; The Quar. I was aware of this little niche in SciFi/Steampunk gaming from previous contact with Zombiesmith, and it has an amusing mythos and some interesting minis. Being a stone-cold historical gamer (wink) I resisted the urge. The release of inexpensive plastic models tempted but did not seduce; I cannot say the same for Zhodani.  The essential idea is that there is a race of anthropomorphic ant-eaters that are trapped in a perpetual war that blends Steampunk with Great War technology. To provide something for his armies of Quar to fight across Zhodani  need some entrenched terrain that has been blasted a bit by artillery. Having seen my Great War trench board Zhodani asked if I could build some geo-morphic boards for him. Having no big projects on the table at the moment I agreed (why does it always go like that?).

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Game at my place, Saturday 8JUN24 7pm

 The title pretty much says it all. 


We will be giving "Here's the Ruckus" a go.

Medieval skirmish game, simple rules, looks like fun!

For you ambitious types yo can see the QRS here

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Put A Spot Of Paint (and some bases) On It ! Ottawa Longhouses, Part II

        Some time ago I started  building some Ottawa Longhouses for my friend Zhodani Commando. They have sat untouched for a couple of weeks now and I felt that I had best get them off the "To be painted" pile before I forgot about them entirely. As it turns out it only took a couple of hours and they were finished. The process was a progressively lighter series of drybrushing going from dark brown to a pale brown-gray and them some line work to pick out the saplings that were the outer frame. 

the base-coat was Krylon Dark Camouflage Green
then a heavy drybrushing with Americana Soft Black
and then a nearly as heavy drybrushing with a 50/50 mix of Soft Black and Slate Gray
this was topped with a lighter drybrushing of Medium Gray
then the sapling frame was picked out in Honey Brown and the doors painted in Lamp Black
The models were so light and wobbly that they would get knocked around during play 
so I decided that they needed some extra heft and went ahead and added bases

Saturday, June 1, 2024

Bolt Action Operation Overlord at Michigan Toy Soldier 06/08/24

        Drew and Pete at Michigan Toy Soldier have been working their backsides off on this project for some time and it promises to be a treat for the eyes. I have seen their work before and can attest that it will be well worth a trip to the store to view in person! I plan on attending just to get some pictures. Being a bit of a lazy sod I'm not going to type in the entire announcement but will add pictures of the handout below.

Wargames Atlantic 28mm Medieval Foot Knights 1150- 1320

       In conjunction with Footsore Miniatures new Baron's War rules and minis Wargames Atlantic has released Foot Knights 1150-1320. This set of figures depicts European Knights on foot clad in complete chain-mail and wearing (mostly) Great Helms. They are perfect for the Crusaders in both the Holy Land and around the Baltic Sea as well as for the Baron's War in England and innumerable conflicts on the continent of Europe. A hugely versatile set to say the least!

       The minis are cast in a medium-hard gray plastic that takes the delicate detail of the chain-mail very well and exhibits no flash and very little in the way of mold-lines. The figures are separated at the waist to allow different positions and have individual arms and heads. The minis wear the calf-length surcoat over their mail and are provided with heater style shields and headgear that varies from bare-headed to full-on Great Helms. The chain-mail is very finely sculpted and other details are very well executed too. Most arms have the weapons cast into the hand (which to me at least is very much preferable) These minis take me back to my childhood days of buying individual Timpo 2nd series Crusaders at K-Mart for forty-nine cents each.

box front, with a nice illustration and, more importantly, some very well-painted minis

Wargames Atlantic 28mm Citizens/Gangs of Rome

       Every once in a while you come across a set of figures that you just know will more often used outside of the purpose intended by the sculptor. Wargame Atlantic's  Citizens Of Rome set is just one of those, the versatility of this set is near limitless. The way that the figures are broken-down and the vast array of options provided (which would be greatly expanded by access to even a limited "spares bin") mean that you are apt to see these lads popping up all over the Classical Ancients scene!

       The stated purpose is to provide minis for the fun and intriguing "Gangs of Rome" miniatures game which it will to perfection. The set is cast in firm, medium gray plastic with no flash and few mold-lines. The minis are sectioned at the waist and arms with the usual individual heads. Some will be unhappy about the amount of assemble required but it is crucial to creating the individual characters required by the rules. In addition it allows for a simple staggering number of options to create troops for your armies and unarmed figures as the innocent citizens of Rome.

front of the box, just another day in ancient Rome

28mm Wargames Atlantic British Expeditionary Force (and Dad's Army)

       The folks at Wargames Atlantic keep finding new areas of the plastic minis market that others have failed to explore, this latest offering is an example of that; the 1940 British Expeditionary Force. Like it's precursor, the Old Contemptibles, the B.E.F. was highly trained, well equipped and tiny. It also had the additional and unfortunate similarity of being led by men entirely unprepared for the coming conflict. Fortunately this lack of ability did not apply to the common soldier and the individual parts of the B.E.F. fought bravely and with skill. The minis are cast in the usual medium gray plastic with no flash and only the faintest of mold-lines needing clean-up. 

       The troops represented give you everything needed to build a 1940 B.E.F. platoon except a Boys Anti-tank Rifle (which could be easily modified from the prone Bren gunner, which I intend to do!). This isn't a huge liability as the Boys was unpopular for being large, heavy and generally ineffective and was probably "lost" at the earliest opportunity. 

       An interesting addition to this set is the inclusion of obsolete and imported weapons to allow the player to represent the Home Guard, a.k.a. "Dad's Army", that was raised to protect Britain after the debacle at Dunkirk and the fall of France. These include the Lewis Gun, a Browning Automatic Rifle  and a couple of Springfield M-1903 rifles. These can be used to reflect the desperate days when England felt that it was under dire threat of invasion. This is a great inclusion for players wishing to play out a scenario from Operation Sea Lion

front of the box, its nice to see well-painted minis as box-art

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Blackpowder Napoleonics, What if Napoleon had waited just a bit....Prussian vs Russian 1816

        To celebrate the return of The Trunkmonkey from his extended sojourn in Japan (sightseeing, not work) we decided to throw on a Napoleonics game (he had been working on his Russians before he left and my Prussians had been gathering dust since December of 2021). The scenario is based on the idea that Napoleon had gotten better info on the back-stabbing and infighting at the Congress of Vienna and sat things out while negotiations were degenerating into the Conflict of Vienna. With Napoleon still cheating at whist on Elba the Powers fell into hostility and then armed conflict. Thus we find the Prussians and the Russians arguing over who got what slice of Poland.

       The battlefield was a sleepy town in the plains of northern Poland, which we see below.

the Russians, being the smaller force, were tasked with defending the town and the vital road junction
they deployed on the hills and in the town along the upper edge of the picture

Monday, May 13, 2024

Scratchbuilding 28mm Ottowa Longhouses, Part I

        As so often happens to me a request for some unusual terrain from a friend saved me from the "Curse Of Idle Hands". In this case the stimulus was provided by Zhodani Commando who asked if I could build some Native America Longhouses for use with his 28mm Ottawa figures. I took a moment to consider the basic structure (a long narrow building with a curved roof and either bluff or curved ends, barely more complex than a box) and agreed. As usual I forgot to consider the finer details, as we shall see further down the page.

notice the immense size of the longhouses and the pallisade around the village
a very nice illustration that I nicked from Researchgate 

Thursday, May 9, 2024

28mm Perrys, Dutchy of Warsaw Elite Companies 1807-1814

        Fresh from Perry Brothers studios comes Duchy of Warsaw Elite Companies 1807-14; the companion-piece to their Duchy of Warsaw Line Battalion 1807-14.  This set is everything that we have come to expect from the gifted hands of the Perry Brothers; natural poses, perfect proportions, exact details, a host of options and ease of assembly. 

       The figures are cast in a firm medium-gray plastic with no trace of flash and few mold-lines. The design and breakdown of the figures simplifies assembly and painting by making the backpack, coattails and hanger all one piece that can be painted separately from the figure and assembled onto the miniature afterwards. I have found that this saves no end of time and effort. The minis in this box will provide you with the Light Troops and Grenadier companies that often served in amalgamated battalions. This set provides all of the various types of headgear worn by the troops and comes with a color brochure the provides all the information that the gamer needs to paint their troops.

box front

Thursday, May 2, 2024

For Liberty and Freedom! OR Stamping out the terrorist enclave; a trip to Central Africa in the 1960s with R.U.P.

        Last weekend Rich Uncle Pat put on one of his trademark Cold War in Africa games. In this instance we played SPECTRE rules instead of the  usual modified B'Maso regime. Please excuse the gaps in the photo record as I was busy absorbing the new rules and often forgot to snap pictures. Further games in this genre by Rich Uncle Pat can be found here.

       These rules emphasize the limited amount of command energy that a force has, your CinC only has so much "processing power" and if he focuses his attention in one direction others areas will stall. The command energy is represented by Momentum Chits, these can be expended to cause units to take actions, a unit may be given any number of chits and can perform an unlimited number of actions (with progressively diminishing returns) until the supply of chits is expended. 

       The game is played in a modified I-Go You-Go system; the Attacker moves first by selecting a unit and having it perform its actions, the Defender may expend their momentum chits to react to Attacker moves. This continues until the Attacker runs out of momentum or chooses to stop. The Defender then may move and shoot his units in reply using his remaining momentum (if the Attacker has reserved some momentum he may interrupt the Defender's actions) This neatly handles overwatch and pass-through fire without any cumbersome rules. Shooting inflicts hits that are mostly reflected as Stress but may occasionally cause actual wounds or kills. In all it is a rather elegant system.

another of R.U.P's exquisite tables, 
the defenders mission was to avoid destruction, 
the attackers were searching for hidden supply depots

Sunday, April 28, 2024

A little something I whipped up to stay busy

        For me idle hands are a terror. I simply end up getting myself into trouble. Thus I tend to volunteer more often than is completely sane, even to the point where I end up swamped. A little while ago I saw on Lead Adventure Forum someone that was looking for a stylized aircraft carrier in 15mm. Not having played with Proxxie in a bit I offered to whip out some hull blanks for a 1930's style aircraft carrier (and a cruiser and destroyer as well). The fellow seeking the ships was delighted with the idea and I was off to the races. 

       I took the USS Langley as a rough guide for my carrier, an Omaha class light cruiser as a basis for the cruiser and the USS Ward as my guide for the destroyer. These were not intended as replicas of those ships, just as inspiration.

it took about a half-hour to get the basic shapes cut,
but it was a cold and rainy day so I just kept puttering along....

28mm Perrys, Dutchy of Warsaw Infantry Battalion, 1807-1814

        From the prolific hands of the Perry Brothers comes Polish Infantry from the later Napoleonic Wars 1807-1814. Sculpted to the near-perfection that is the standard of Perry products this set will provide you with the soldiers you need to build the core of a Duchy of Warsaw force. The minis are cast in a firm gray plastic that has no flash and precious few mold-lines, these figures display a jewel-like level of detail. 

        This set comes complete with command figures representing officer and musicians as well as standard-bearers. The set also includes options for all of the different types of headgear worn by the other ranks. These multi-part minis provide a choice of arms and minor body position so your soldiers won't look like a band of automatons; backpacks are separate and include the sabre-briquet, ammo box and canteen (no loads of tiny fiddly-bits to glue on during assembly). These can be painted before assembly of the figure which greatly eases getting the belting and straps squared away!

         Worth the price of the box is the full-color two-sided flyer that comes inside showing the uniforms worn by the different regiments of the Duchy of Warsaw. This is simply superb and is one of the things that sets Perry products apart from the rest of the plastic minis world. The information contained is more comprehensive and easily understood than that found in an Osprey book. Top notch work!

the front of the box

Wargames Atlantic 28mm Great War Russian Infantry

       Wargames Atlantic continues to add to their Great War range with the addition of Russian Infantry and a fine set it is! These figures are cast in a firm medium gray plastic with no trace of flash and very few mold-lines. 

        As we have come to expect from WA offerings they are multi-part figures that provide a vast array of headgear and arm positions. The set does not offer a vast array of weapon choices due to the simple fact that the Russian army didn't have much of a choice of weapons, one standard rifle, two standard pistols with no SMGs or other frills.

       The figures are dressed in the summer uniforms and five of the six body poses have bedrolls over their shoulder. Figure proportions are very good with none of the "giant heads/hands" often encountered in metal miniatures; poses are dynamic without be gymnastic. It would be a simple matter to assemble and entire box full of these without duplicating a pose. Detail of the weapons is delicate and accurate and the loose uniform style of the Russian soldier is reflected well in the way that the clothing drapes over the figure. Excellent work all-around!

the front of the box

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Wargames Atlantic 28mm Afghan Cavalry

       Wargames Atlantic recently added to their Imperial Conquests line with this highly versatile set of Afghan Cavalry, it is labelled 1815-1914 but this set will happily cover from the 1500s through 1940 (and with some simple modifications you could extend that another century in either direction). The figure are very cleaning cast in a firm gray plastic that takes detail very well. The figures exhibit no flash and very few mold-lines. They should be a quick build as they have few parts and can be assembled with common plastic model cement. 

       Of particular interest (especially to guys like me that love swapping parts and modifying figures) are the three new horses. These horses differ from the generic horses set produced by Wargames Atlantic a few years ago and are well sculpted and vigorously posed. The riders are dressed in the common voluminous Afghan clothing which is very well sculpted and drapes over the figure convincingly. As usual there is a dizzying array of heads, this is the one spot that I think Wargames Atlantic missed the ball; a few spare heads with Ray-Bans and ball caps along with some hands holding AK or AR platform rifles and the odd RPG would have brought this set into today's headlines. Conversely a few more spears and a few bows and bow-cases could project this set back to the 1400s. Maybe we could petition WA to produce a couple of conversion sets in resin!


 the front of the box
the back of the box

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

02Hundred Hours, Escape From Stalag Luft III, Escapees in Civvies

        A further expansion of the 02Hundred Hours Escape From Stalag Luft III game is this set of Escapees in Civvies. It contains four crisply detailed and well cast figures of escaped airmen trying to blend in with the local civilian population (you really can't go parading about in Nazi Germany in your Air Force uniform). The figures are well sculpted and dressed to blend in with the average civilian; three are walking calmly and carrying bundles while one poor fellow has his hat in his hand and is sprinting with a look of consternation on his tiny face (his papers failed inspection!).  The minis are cast with small "puddle" bases but are provided with larger MDF bases that will ensure that they figure isn't tipping over constantly during a game. 

the front of the box