Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thanks Joe

       I know he will be mad that I am doing this, but I think I have to recognize his generosity. Having read that the game was cancelled because my furnace was out my buddy Joe showed up at my house on Friday with a load of firewood and a couple of industrial strength space heaters to help me and my family stay warm until the furnace gets installed on Monday. It is good to have friends.

    Thanks Joe, that was cool.

Too Much Stuff = Free Stuff

     Having cleared the storage area that is also the room that the furnace is in I have decided that there are more than a few things that I can live without. I will be posting them on the blog as I continue the process of sorting, members of the group get first dibs, then it will go to whoever posted first in the comments (they are time-stamped so nobody can cheat). Conditions are this; you pick-up or pay shipping ( I am generous, but not foolish), if you have already got one item you will be bumped down one notch on the next item.

       For starters I am going to give away a 28mm John Carter of Mars city, this is very professionally done in very sturdy card stock, fully colored, there are over a dozen buildings and some wall sections. Anybody interested can post a comment. I will be at Pro or Con on 27OCT12 and can hand off there. There is enough stuff here to pretty well cover a 6' x 4' table. I will post pictures after the table gets cleared and I can spread them out.