Those Magnificent Flying Machines

       One of my side-hobbies is building 1/72 scale aircraft, most of these can be used as air support in my wargames but there are some that are simply static-display models. I have a pronounced interest in aircraft with fixed undercarriages and spatted wheels (some would say that this rises to the dimensions of a disorder), aircraft that were just so badly done as to be suicidal (or almost so) to fly into combat and aircraft that fall into a nebulous "too cool" category. Oddly nearly all of these are single-engine aircraft from the mid-late 1930's, so maybe it's a Pulp thing? 




 Three for France, another Heller D-510, a Caudron c-714 and a D-520










Airfix Fairey Battle







Monogram P6-E Hawk



Williams Bros. Northrop Gamma



 Heller 1/72 Polikarpov I-153 


Airfix 1/72 ME-109e 


Airfix Henschel HS-123  .....

                                  .......... and again in Spanish Civil War colors  ....

..........and finally in Nationalist Chinese colors


 Airfix 1/72 Henschel HS-129 


  Zvezda 1/144 Hurricane  



 Scratchbuilt  1/144   I-153 and Ki-27


Revell 1/72 Polikarpov I-16



Revell Polikarpov I-16 winter camouflage 


Revell 1/72 Fiat CR-42 Falco


Revell 1/72  Curtiss P-36 (Finnish colors)


 Jo-Han 1/72 Fokker D XXI


LS  1/72 Ki-15 "Babs" 


Encore 1/72 Heinkel HE-112b1 


Nichimo 1/72 A5M4 Claude   



Lindberg 1/72 Heinkel HE-100



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