Tuesday, October 3, 2023

1/72 Monogram Messerschmitt BF-110

       This model is one of the very first models that I built after I started to take modeling seriously (as opposed to building targets for my BB gun). I managed to fond an original production one from the early '70s so the experience was very close to that first build. It was a straightforward build, I am constantly amazed by the quality of these old kits; no putty needed, little sanding, near-perfect parts fit. The decals were another matter, half a century bouncing around from one basement to another before being built left them in pretty rough shape. It was a fight but I stuck to my guns and used them. I ended up with some silvering around a couple of the decals, much to my dismay. I console myself with the thought that these are wargaming toys, not IPMS competition pieces.

a sleek-looking plane even if it wasn't much of a dogfighter

most countries experimented with the "heavy fighter"concept
only the P-38 could be considered truly successful 
hand-painting the framing on that greenhouse was a pain

don't look too close at those markings,
 I stuck the worst decals on the bottom where they wouldn't often be seen 
ah, the semi-sweet taste of nostalgia, 
it even came in the same box as the kit I built all those decades ago


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