Friday, February 25, 2022

Wargames Atlantic 28mm Multi-part Sci-Fi Cannon Fodder

       Wargames Atlantic provides us with yet another great multi-pose set of sci-fi/near-future minis. This time we have a set of thirty figures entitled "Cannon Fodder" (I assume that morale isn't an issue for these lads). Looking past the rather chilling unit title we see that they are infantry equipped with what would be "low-tech" weapons and minimalist, coverall style, uniforms; either penal battalions or local militia for a 40K sort of environment. They could easily stand in as Imperial Guard or planetary troops in some Grim Dark future. 

       What really makes this set pop (as with so many other Wargames Atlantic sets) is the simply huge selection of heads and weapons; from bare-headed to helmets that look like 1970's space suit helmets. Each box contains twelves sprues; six each of a small one with the bodies and some heads and a second larger one with an oversized helping of heads, guns, backpacks and arms. The standard weapon looks like a cross between an AK-47 and the Imperial Guard flashlight (err...lasgun) from 40K. Included is a massive underslung gun to give the troops some extra firepower. Realistically proportioned and convincingly posed this set is cast in a hard gray plastic with no trace of flash and very little by way of mold-lines. The selection of poses means that it would a simple thing to build an entire unit of individuals with no two poses the same.

at last somebody is using picture of nicely painted minis on the front cover

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

28mm Gunfighters from Great Escape Games

        At first I was a bit surprised by this box, mostly by the low figure-count. But a more thoughtful moment left me to realize that I am used to building armies of hundreds of figures at a time while a gunfight is a small, quick skirmish. In that regard this box is perfectly sized; I can't think of a single "gun fight" that had more than ten shooters involved (certainly not in any of the movies that I did my "research" in). Inside the box you will find two matching sprues cast in a hard gray plastic that assemble into eight standing and two kneeling gunslingers. The casting work is first-rate with no trace of flash and nearly invisible mold-lines. The figure break-down will allow almost any combination of legs/torso/arms/head which means you could build several boxes of these without any two figures being alike. The selection of weapon is is comprehensive and includes neat items like a bundle of dynamite, an ox skull and a lasso.

the front of the box, less than inspiring artwork

Friday, February 11, 2022

The Convention Season Carries On! Battlefields 2022 coming 12MAR22

my ACW ironclads game from Battlefields 2020 

        That jolly bunch of guys that are the Pro or Con gaming group are hosting Battlefields the 12th of March starting at 8am at the Elk's Lodge in Livonia Michigan. This con  has an eclectic mix of historical, sci-fi and fantasy games and always has an interesting Flea Market.  You can find a list of events at the Tabletop Events site where you can also sign up for a game or register to run a game.  I will be running another Thirty Years War At Sea game in the afternoon session and perhaps a 1939 Air War in the Far East  if there is space in the first session. This is a great opportunity to get together with old friends and make new one; be there!

Tabletop Events just click this link to go to the Battlefields page

Pro or Con gaming group; here is their website and this is their Facebook page

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Flintcon 2022 some photos and observations

       Flintcon 2022 has come and gone, and what a good time it was! R.U.P. and I set out in the early hours that Saturday morning (despite the 2F temps) and made the trip northward from Detroit to Flint. Rod Cain (the relentlessly energetic organizer of the convention) was on hand to greet everyone as they arrived and pressed me into running my Thirty Years War naval game in the first session as there had been a cancellation. As a naval game is easy to set up I happily agreed and found myself with seven players before I had finished setting things up. 

       The hall was busy but not too crowded and the usual excellent Flea Market was well stocked and busy (I confess to buying a few items despite my commitment to reducing the Lead Mountain). There was a wide array of historical, fantasy and science-fiction games to choose from simple two-player games to large multi-player formats. Some truly excellent games were on show (as you will see below). I ended up running my game in the second session as well which left me little time to check out the other games on display so I handed my phone to my assistant editor J&R who was kind enough to gather some photographs of the action. I do apologize to anyone whose game was overlooked.

to my eye this was the winner for "most attractive" game
 a representation of the fight for Little Round Top with beautifully rendered terrain and troops