Monday, January 30, 2012

Building the Plastic Soldier Company Stug III F/8 1/100 15mm

     Having a few minutes of free time I decided to try my hand at assembling one each of the types of Stug IIIs found in the PSC boxed set. As always the kits are crisply and cleanly cast  in a sturdy, but not fragile, styrene plastic. For no better reason that keeping with chronological order I decided to build the F8 first.

the track assembly, these have the same situation as the other models,
the wheels must be installed right and the tracks have a definite direction and are "side specific"

Dystopian Wars Federated Fleet

     Kris has begun painting his Federated States Fleet, clad in brilliant white they stand out on the table top. The next thing you notice is the enormous guns that these babies carry, and if you are on the opposing side you get to find out just how hard they hit as well!

Federates States battleship, 38" guns, yikes!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dystopian Wars Japanese Fleet

    Part of our last game involved the Japanese Fleet, proud property of Mike B. These rocket-launching terrors came to the rescue of the over-bold Prussians and saved the Prussian dreadnought from an embarassing end.

     Mike did a fine job of painting the fleet in an overall medium green color (reminiscent of the Japanese fleet in WW2). The number of flying models gave the game a whole new dimension (OK, bad pun, I will go to my room now). Feast your eyes on armaments of the Blazing Sun!

aerial cruisers and light surface units

Dystopian Wars, Covenant Fleet

     Gary H, long time member of our gaming group, has built himself a formidable Covenant Fleet. I particularly like the "Iceberg" camouflage paint job, very effective and decidedly different (one can only stand so many gray ships, after all).


Reader Contribution...1/100 tank photos Zvezda and PSC

Reader Gary V (oldSarge...he is on the readrer's blogs list) sent these photos of some of his handiwork.

They are the Zvezda Pz-38t and the PSC Panzer IV models.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Plastic Soldier Company Panzer III f/g/h 1/100 15mm

    I have waited with baited breath for this kit since it was announced, at last I can do the Afrika Korps with the early tanks that they fought most of their famous battles with. I scooped this kit up from Michigan Toy Soldier when it came out and was very happy when I got it home and opened the box. Plastic Soldier Company have once again (as expected) produced a gem. All of the parts you need to build five copies of any of the versions listed on the box in delicate fine detail. This is the sort of thing that warms the heart of a guy that came to wargaming from the static display model side of things, these are simply lovely. But enough of my blather, on to the pictures!

the box front, evocative if not detailed

Wargames Factory Samurai 28mm plastic figures

      Well, I finally made it to Michigan Toy Soldier when they had a box of Wargames Factory in stock (it seems that they are sold as fast as they are unpacked) so that I could snap some shots of the product.

box art, better but still pretty weak, the box is sturdy however

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Follower's blog links

     As I am held pictureless for the time being I have decided to make good on an idea that I had while back and post about the other wargaming/modelling blogs that can be found among the followers. A good many of this blog's followers have blogs of their own, many are similar, a few are very different, all deserve a look. There are a great many ideas for wargaming/modelling/painting in these blogs.

     The list is essentailly unsorted, I will probably go through them and organize them or at least make notes regarding the areas that the blog emphasises (of course the blog writers are more than welcome to add desriptions in the comment section that I will happily cut and paste into this entry).

FourEightTwo's Wargame Journal

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Storage issue solved

Having checked and found that 20G of storage will cost a whopping $5US I have decided to just buy the storage and not monetize. They say it can take a day or so before the storage comes on line so I won't be able to post photos of tonites game before Monday or I ever get things posted that quickly!

In the meantime I am off to take pictures of the new Plastic Soldier Company Panzer III model that I just picked up. That should be on line as soon as the room is available.    


Thursday, January 19, 2012


I was monkeying around trying out different pictures for the "Miniature of the Moment" (the photos that appears behind the header) when Blogger chose to tell me that I have exceeded my "photo quota". So until I get that resolved I won't have a header picture (and I might not be able to post additional photos). Perhaps this is part of their effort to get every blog monetized.

Hang in there I have called Tech Support.

Anybody out there that is familiar with Blogger and their rules (heck, I didn't even know that there was a "photo quota") feel free to provide I better off monetizing or just paying for more space? I can't say that I am fond of Picasa whic appears to be where the images get stored.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm Baaaaaack!......

     OK, OK it has been a long time since I hosted a game (holidays and vacations and all) but I am back and ready to game.

     This Saturday, 21JAN12 at my place 1900hrs; Wild West rules and featuring the lovely buildings that have been distracting me from the Viking Project. The scenario is the The Hanging of  Crazy Jack Carter. The court has sentenced Crazy to be hung by the neck until dead, the victim's family has shown up to see Justice Done, Crazy's family are there to "do something about it", the town has turned out for the show, other nefarious characters are lurking about with evil intent!

     In another vein, the Tuesday Group will be dealing with scheduling issues, so somebody give me a call or drop me an email so that we can get back to a regular meeting date and discuss other items.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Figure Review Wargames Factory Ashigaru 28mm Japanese Warriors

     The fine folks at Michigan Toy Soldier called to say that they had gotten a re-stock on the Wargames Factory Ashigaru so I popped by to take a look. The first issue had sold out before I had a chance to even look at the box-art so I was happy to get a crack at the contents. We will look at the Ashigaru Spearmen first;

box front, boxart, still pretty dodgy, but at least the box is srurdy

Monday, January 2, 2012

Distraction; DONE! 28mm wild west buildings finished

     Having had nothing aside from diet Coke to drink last night I awoke with a clear head and a quiet house, casting about for something to do that would fill the time until the Lions faced the Packers I remembered the remaining Gamecraft Miniatures buildings waiting on the workbench. I grabbed a cup of coffee and set to work. As before the models went together perfectly and the build was fast and smooth. Only at the end did I realize that I had made a mistake (which I blame on the lack of instructions - which I would not have read - but that is the excuse that I am going with) whilst assembling a couple of the models. The error was of small matter and easily made right, but I will point it out so others will not fall into the same trap.

     The first two buildings were near copies of the Saloon from the last article so I will not go into a lot of detail regarding the construction, needless to say they fit fine and I knocked them out in short order. But my feeling of elation lead me to make a mistake, let me show you with pictures (that thousand words thing, you know).

the parts laid out and ready to go