Monday, January 23, 2012

Plastic Soldier Company Panzer III f/g/h 1/100 15mm

    I have waited with baited breath for this kit since it was announced, at last I can do the Afrika Korps with the early tanks that they fought most of their famous battles with. I scooped this kit up from Michigan Toy Soldier when it came out and was very happy when I got it home and opened the box. Plastic Soldier Company have once again (as expected) produced a gem. All of the parts you need to build five copies of any of the versions listed on the box in delicate fine detail. This is the sort of thing that warms the heart of a guy that came to wargaming from the static display model side of things, these are simply lovely. But enough of my blather, on to the pictures!

the box front, evocative if not detailed

just sand, really guys, you could do better

box and contents

sprue, side A

sprue, side B

oooooh! look at the details, gosh I love this stuff

our old friends, German tank commanders (new ones would be nice guys)

details, ahhh, look at 'em

side-hull escape hatches in 1/100

again with the top-drawer paper and printing of what can only be 
(generously) described as a primitive instruction set, truly odd

not even any arrows pointing to where the parts go

     This leaves me pawing through my books trying to decide how many of which type I need to build, alternately (given the very reasonable prices) I could just build a company of each type and be certain that I had all my bases are covered!

     Very Highly Recommended,    John


  1. Nice looking models. I will probably pick up some of their Pz IV's when I have some spare cash

  2. Both models are very good, if you check PSC's web site they show that they are planning to cover the later PZ III series as well. This just about gives complete coverage (between Zvezda and PSC)of the entire PZ III and IV series.

  3. Yes, the MkIII are great. I thinking about convert one of my stug's into a early stugIIIc. Stay tuned... Also email some pictures of my Panzer IVF and 38T.

  4. Those Mk IV F's and 38T's are darn fine.

    At some point, I'll eventually pull my head out of my posterior and finish up some of the two thirds of the entire Afrika Korps I have represented in 15mm pewter and resin so I can get some pictures up as well.