Friday, January 15, 2021

Gaming Update, 16JAN21 7pm

 I will be running a game at Bastion Gaming Center at 7pm on 16JAN21. This will be a great chance to try out the huge playing area and comfortable surroundings. Drop by and see the action!

Don't Give Up Hope!

       I know that recently I have gone down the rabbit-hole of model airplane building and collecting, but fear not dear reader, I have not abandoned the brush yet! Unseen by the camera I have been assembling the Gripping Beast Late Roman Heavy Cavalry that I reviewed a while back. They have reached the point where they are undergoing the painting process. As with other products from GB these are very good models and fun to paint. I promise not to build any more airplanes until I get these bad-boys painted and based, I swear!

getting started on the detailing

The Addiction Continues

        It has been a busy week here at the workshop, or, more accurately, here at the keyboard.......I decided to spend a portion of that vast and kingly sum that the pathetic excuse for a Congress condescended to grant to us peons (while setting aside $25million for pay raises for themselves) on some toys. A quick visit to the wonderland of Ebay produced a series of shipments to my humble abode. Additions to my Spats, Too Cool and What Were They Thinking collection! Behold the beautiful toys!

the P-35 is Too Cool, the Gamma has simply HUGE spats and really,
 look at that bizarre thing that the Wellesley is; What Were They Thinking

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Monday, January 11, 2021

Stargrunt II, Recover the stealth technology

the battlefield 

the mission

        Rich Uncle Pat invited the gang over to his place for a game. Upon arrival we found he had laid out another of his trademark tables, beautiful terrain soon to be populated with beautifully painted models. This latest game was played using the venerable Stargrunt rules. These rules have been around for some time but are easy to learn and fun to play.
         I took the role of the Israeli commander and Dan took over the Covert Conflict Research Group leader. Neither of us knew what the other player's mission was, we were given out briefing and deployment areas.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

The Continuing project - Carnevale. UPDATED!


So, now that I have your attention.  Here is a limited edition for my favorite gang in Carnevale - The Pulcinellas.  Now onwards to the rest of the production for this game  this quarter.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Lt. Terrax Consults his Primer


Desperate to make sure that the loss of his Leaman Russ Tank is not his fault.  Lt. Terrax gratefully discovers that he is not at fault.  HOWEVER, his relief was short lived ...

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Gaming Update Saturday 9JAN21

 I will be hosting my first game of 2021 this Saturday, 9JAN21 at 7p.m.

Hopefully the first of many!

Returning to Quarterly production, the Turks.


I have had a long running idea for a short D&D campaign set in the midst of the Fall of Constantinople.  A couple of Years ago I took up ANton on his obscene desire to modify figures and had him "fix a few" Janissary for this project, he also cranked out a dozen Wallachians (Vlad the Impaler's boys), but I had the bulk of the force, and I decided it needed to get done, now that I had worked out the last details in my mind for the game aspect.  

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

2020 4th Quarter and year in review; and it's been a decade!

       It is hard to believe but  this thing that I started just to keep my wargaming group on a schedule has been around for ten years. It has expanded far beyond the original idea of being a notice-board for upcoming games and events (largely due to my inability to focus on any given task!). I thank all who have looked over the years as well as those of my friends that have contributed articles as well as all who have commented in reaction to my posts. Since that first post on 29DEC10 we have added 1148 posts, have had 741,896 individual pageviews and have received 2873 comments. There 213 fellow wargamers who follow this blog. Visitors have come to the blog from every continent except Antactica, citizens of the USA are the most frequent visitors with Merry Old England coming in second.

          The all-time most popular post is "More Silliness With Blueboard"  (8.25K views) with seven of the top twenty posts being of the D.I.Y. category (so you will continue to be peppered with my arts & crafts projects) with the balance being split evenly between Convention reports, figure reviews and After Action Reports. The most popular Page confirms the trend toward D.I.Y.  with "Adventures in Blueboard and Foamcore" (21.6K)  topping the other subjects by a significant margin, 28mm figure reviews follows in second place.

A 'Dreadful' danger

 So, having all of my kids home from college for a couple of weeks, I gave them what they wanted, which was an entire D&D campaign in the break, I also asked for one gaming night on my choice.  Based on an "outbreak" of Jane Austen among my kids this break (they binge watched two different entire series of Pride and Prejudice) I decided to have a go at Jane Austen Zombie Killer.  

1/72 Hasegawa HE51 Build and paint

       The HE-51 was one of the early German fighters of the newly-established Luftwaffe. Slow and under-gunned by later standards it was a sturdy and maneuverable aircraft that laid the foundations for the fighter pilot corps of WW2 fame. It first flew in 1933 and was rather long in the tooth when it was sent to Spain in 1936. It enjoyed a brief period of superiority until Soviet aircraft showed up on the Republican side. After 1938 it was used by the Luftwaffe as a trainer. This one qualifies under my "Spats/Fixed Undercarriage" and "What Were They Thinking" rules, it comes close to the "Too Cool" but it is a pretty transparent copy of the P6E Hawk so loses that distinction.