Wednesday, February 28, 2024

AN IMPROBABLE CLASH The Anglo-Danish VS the Tabascans

        Despite some far-fetched claims that the Vikings made it as far as Central America during the Dark Ages it seems unlikely that Anton's Anglo-Danish armies ever faced off against my Mexican force. But Anton and I made it happen anyway!  Since Anton's army knew what a horse was, and mine did not (an old Steve Breismeister joke to those of you who knew him), Anton Out scouted me and I had to deploy first.  Here is our initial deployment.  

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Assembling the forces for Battlefields


 the Japanese bombers

        Last Saturday I ran my scenario for Battlefields with my usual gaming group. The conversion from hex-based movement to octagonal movement went without a hitch. Some valid points were made regarding the rules and adjustments have been  made.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024



wallboard compound, to be truthful, not real mud

       I was puttering in the workshop and struggling to resist the urge to build a vast underground cavern system to go with Zhodani Commando's cave men. To keep myself busy I decided to add some wallboard compound to the existing hills to blend in the features and add to the texture. I use the sort with a latex base as it survives handling better than regular "mud". Now I have to wait for that to dry so I'm back to the "idle hands" problem......

       Maybe I will build a model airplane as a distraction.

Monday, February 19, 2024

Some prehistoric terrain bits and a little side-project

       My good friend, Zhodani Commando, is setting up to run a caveman game using the Tribal! rules. You can check out his beautifully painted minis over at his blog. I offered to put together some terrain for the game using the still massive pile of insulation board that I have. He happily accepted. I haven't been painting much lately so I thought that a terrain project would  re-light those fires. 

        I dug out my old friend, Proxxie, and got to work cutting insulation board. Pretty soon I had several bits sorted out and enlisted my buddy, Mr 60-Grit, to round off some edges and get the models ready for spackle and paint. That is where things stand for the moment.

I bought this off a flea-market table at a convention a couple of decades ago,
a coat of primer was as far as I got with it, I'm sure the talented brush of Z.C. will bring out the best

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Enter The Octagon!

a little package of happiness

        I have to confess to being incredibly lax about posting of late. In my defense the first couple of months of this year have been rough; on top of my usual "January Blues" a couple of sudden funerals and a long-running revision of my air combat rules have eaten up both my time and energy. That is all behind me now and I have renewed energy with the arrival of a package from 24 Hour Crafts (a specialist woodworking shop) who made me a custom set of octagonal bases for my revised rules. Everybody and their brother makes hexagons but these guys were the best price/service that I could find that would cut octagons. Product quality is top-rate and they got me my fifty octagons in less than a week, I would happily recommend them to anyone.

the items were carefully packaged

the octagons were very precisely cut, fractions of a millimeter tolerances
notice how it is possible to get much more subtle movement patterns once hexagons are forsaken
it took me a while to work out the "tweaks" in the new movement system
 but this seems to work very well

       I am currently working on converting the individual aircraft maneuver books and will post them as I get them completed. I will leave the hex-based books up as well in case you prefer those.

Monday, February 12, 2024

Warfare By Proxy, or At Least It Was Quick

       This time around we were working out of the first book once again  Anton selected the Early Hebrews (list 13) and I selected the Illyrians (list 26).  Anton's army had absolutely no cavalry, and there was not enough terrain on the table for his light infantry to count for scouting so he had officially "Zero" scouting points.  With my army I had presumed that I would be outscouted and elected to have my CinC on foot.  I also chose to include an allied contingent, whose general could only be selected as on a horse, so I had exactly 1 scouting point.  Due to the odd system of scouting in WRG because "1" if more than "50%" more than "0", I out scouted Anton and his troops had to be deployed first.  I also had the option of flanking him on either, or both flanks if I wished.  I did not!  So here are our deployments.



Sunday, February 4, 2024

An Encounter In France sometime between the Hundred Years War and the War of the Roses

        This time around in Anton and my game we were working with the third army list book for WRG 7th edition.  Anton went with one of his preferences, French Ordinance and I went with one of mine, Hundred Years War English.  The terrain dice proved kind to me and I managed to clutter up the fringes of the board as well as Anton's deployment zone with some woods.  Unfortunately Anton went against type and stocked up on missile troops some of which could handle woods.  Anton outscouted me HORRIBLY 60:12 so I deployed first.  Here is our Deployment