Wednesday, February 28, 2024

AN IMPROBABLE CLASH The Anglo-Danish VS the Tabascans

        Despite some far-fetched claims that the Vikings made it as far as Central America during the Dark Ages it seems unlikely that Anton's Anglo-Danish armies ever faced off against my Mexican force. But Anton and I made it happen anyway!  Since Anton's army knew what a horse was, and mine did not (an old Steve Breismeister joke to those of you who knew him), Anton Out scouted me and I had to deploy first.  Here is our initial deployment.  

My army is very much a one note symphony and here it is left to right.  
"Hummingbird on the left" 42 Otomi+, 30 IRG A, LMI, 2HCW, JLS& Sh; 12 IRGB LMI, JLS & Sh
"2nd Hummingbird on left"  42 Warriors, All IRG B, LMI 1/2 2HCW & Sh, 1/2 JLS & Sh
"Hummingbird in the Center" 42 Warriors All IRG B, LMI, JLS & Sh, 30 w/Sling.
"Hummingbird on the Right" 42 Warriors All IRG B, LMI, JLS & Sh, 30 w/Sling.
"2nd Hummingbird on the Right" 42 Warriors All IRG B, LMI, JLS & Sh, 30 w/Sling.  This last unit is strung out in a column as I ran out of deployment space.
In the rear is my CinC, with a 5 man bodyguard, All, IRG B, LMI, 2HCW & Sh with PA standard.

Anton's Army has some variation, that turned out to be quite significant.  Left to right as follows.
Unit A 50 Fyrd, All IRG C, 18 HI, JLS & Sh, 32 MI, IPW
Unit B 16 Huscarls, IRG B, HI, 2HCW & Sh
Unit C 16 Huscarls, IRG B, HI, 2HCW & Sh
Unit D 50 Fyrd, All IRG C, 18 HI, JLS & Sh, 32 MI, IPW
Unit E 50 Fyrd, All IRG C, 18 HI, JLS & Sh, 32 MI, IPW
Unit F 16 Huscarls, IRG B, HI, 2HCW & Sh
Unit G 16 Huscarls, IRG B, HI, 2HCW & Sh
In front Unit H 33 Skirmishers, IRG C, LI, 10 w/JLS & Sh, 23 w/B
In Rear CinC w/ Body Guard 3 x IRG B, HI, 2HCW & Sh, PA standard, on on horse.

On the Left my Otomi surged forward and promptly went impetuous.  On the right 2nd HonR surged into the woods in order to flank Anton's advance.  Meanwhile my main line stood still and began pelting Anton's light Infantry with slings causing the skirmishers to fail a morale test and retreat.  

On Turn Two Anton's line of battle advanced into charge range and took delivery of some more sling shot.  Unfortunately, at the end of the turn all three of my units in the center had to test since Anton had moved into charge reach for them and because the Otomi had already charged off impetuously, all of my units lost their minds and surged forward.  
In reaction to my impetuous charges Anton's Units C and D both went impetuous and all his units charged forward.  
On Turn Three, my Otomi (HonL) hit Anton's Unit A, and shattered it on contact, turns out sending close order barbarians into disordering terrain is NOT a good idea!  However, Anton's Units B and C, pushed back my Units 2nd HonL turns out fighting in the open with loose order troops is ill advised against close order troops.  Anton's Units D and E managed to push back my unit HinC.  Finally my Unit Hon R, managed to push back Anton's Unit F.  Anton's Unit G prepared for the arrival of my 2nd HonR unit as it continued to make its way through the woods.  

On Turn Four Anton's Unit A managed to out distance my pursuing HonL.  Anton's Units Band C once again pushed back my unit 2nd HonL.  Anton's Units D and E once again pushed back my Unit HinC, and my unit HonR pushed back Anton's Unit F a second time.  Through out these first two turns my dice were VERY busy rolling down while Anton's dice were serving him well.  

Turn Five turned out to be the resolution of the matter.  My HonL charged and drove off Anton's Unit A again.  Anton's Units B and C pushed back my unit 2HonL and broke it as this was their third push back in a row.  Likewise Anton's Units D and E pushed back my Unit HinC and broke it.  In a bit of better news for my troops my Unit HonR successfully pushed back Anton's Unit F for the third time and broke it.  However, that victory was VERY short lived for me as Anton's Unit G rolled up three and my unit 2nd HonR rolled down one, resulting in my fresh unit Second Hummingbird on Right being shattered on impact and routed from the field.  With three of my five units routed and only two of Anton's in the same state.  Combined with the fact that Anton eight units to my five to start with, I now found myself with two units to try and contend with Six of Anton's.  I conceded the match.  

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