Saturday, November 19, 2016

Pro or Con Resurgent

 I attended the Pro Or Con convention today and was very much pleased by the change of venue. The hall was large and well-lit with plenty of space between the tables and lots of room for vendors and rummage sale space. I tried out two games; Sharpe Practice Two and Tanks!

the game used the old 25mm Minifigs, I have always loved the clean 
simple lines of the old Minifigs range, and these were very well painted to boot!

 Sharp Practice was very well presented and was a lovely game to look at. The rules themselves seemed to fall between two stools; not detailed and granular enough to be a proper skirmish and yet too fiddly for a larger game at the brigade or division level. Most of the other players seemed to be enjoying themselves so maybe it is just a problem I had.

nobody has equaled the Minifigs mounted figures to my eye

Monday, November 14, 2016

One Of The Odd Reasons That I Love Christmas....In Five Simple Pictures

.....and one word.

     This company produces the  cool Christmas village houses and scenics that people love to buy. Every year I go poking around the village displays looking for things that I can use in wargaming, Pine trees (green and snow-covered), bridges, all sorts of scenic oddments. But I think that I have found a real treasure with this latest discovery. 18" x36" heavy vinyl mats embossed with brick of freestone patterns for $9.00US (at Menard's in the Detroit area). I bought one of each roll and, having examined them, I intend to return and clear them out.

look carefully for them, the packaging is a bit deceptive
 and tends to get jumbled in with other items, I almost missed these 

Friday, November 11, 2016

28mm Perry's Union Civil War Infantry 1861-1865

   These just showed up at the local Brick amd mortar hobby shop. As a loyal supporter of that endangered species I spent my money at the store and brought home a box of these little beauties. They fall into the format of previous Perry Brother's releases........and as usual they leave me searching for adjectives that adequately describe the quality of the product. Superb, excellent, wonderful, crisp, anatomically accurately proportioned, golly-gee-whiz-they-are-great!

     Now that I have that out of my system, let us get down to business. The nicely illustrated box contains the usual printed sheet of suggested uniforms and two flags, one national, one regimental, one sprue of four command figures, two sprues providing a total of six skirmishers, six sprues of five infantry figures and finally a sprue of bases to mount all of the figures on.

the box demonstrates the usual high standard of all Perry products