Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fort Matanzas Part II Sentry Watchtower and gunports

     Just a progress report on the 28mm Fort Matanzas Project. I have cut the windows, gun-ports and doorways into the model. I also added the sentry tower on the corner (are we happy now Housemartin?) and built up the thickness of the interior of the tower walls

 my ultra-careful drafting of the door and window locations is on display in this photo,
 I cut the openings with a fresh X-Acto #11 blade

Sunday, April 26, 2015

At least this won't need rivets! 28mm Fort Matanzas

        I am much given to sudden enthusiasms but this is the result of an enduring fascination. Ever since I first laid eyes on the actual fort I have wanted to build a model of it. Many years ago I made a half-hearted attempt but it ended when I moved and the scarcely-started model was damaged.  Prompted by the release of the Lace Wars figures by Wargames Factory and by Joe showing up last week with some painted tricorne infantry and in no small measure by the release of the U.S.F 3-D survey of the fort just a few weeks ago I resolved to give it a go.

      Equipped with a print-out of the U.S.F.paper and a pile of photographs that I have taken over the years during visits to the site I descended into the man-cave and got out my trusty Proxxon hot-wire cutter and a pile of blue-board.

the first thing to do was to cut the base or plinth, 
in the real fort this is little more that a pile of rock 
to raise the fort and provide a solid foundation for the gun-deck and tower
I had decided to build the model in 1/48th scale to fit the figures and make calculations easy

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Neapolitans in Action, and not the Ice Cream (warning graphics heavy with a load of text)

So here it is ... the Battle of Aquila.  March 1815.

With Anton's return we decided to try out some Napoleonic rules that Anton and I have been nattering about for a while as the first game back so I volunteered my Austrians and Neapolitans in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Tolentino campaign. 

Murat makes the mistake of throwing his support behind Napoleon and Napoleon then left Murat to his fate in southern Italy.  The Austrians are attacking the Neapolitans from the north with two about equally sized armies moving down either side of the Appenines.  Murat, realizing he did not have enough men to fight both armies decided to channel his brother-in-law Napoleon.  Murat divided his forces sending one of his five infantry divisions to block the pass the Eastern Army would need to use and concentrated the rest of his army on the Western Army.  This battle is the lone division facing a larger Austrian army.  It is a forgone conclusion that the Austrians will win, but how long will it take and what will they have left over to help in the major battle. 

We start with a picture of the start lines.  The Austrians are on the left, Neapolitans on the top and to the right around the village. 

Another Proxie Fight

Based on my satisfaction with the first batch of Proxie Models, I decided to order some more directly from the company.  This time I bought three packs of their "Trencher 2" tanks, once again in 15mm.  These come 2 models to a pack for $7 each.  I paid and extra $6 for postage bringing my total cost to $27 for the six tanks.  Here is how each tank comes out of the bag. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Proxie Fight

Those of you awaiting my second gaming review (it will be Murat vs Austrians in Italy, 1815) will have to wait a few more days, those of you awaiting Anton's return only have another day or so to go. 

Combining Anton's illogical desire to build models with my one basic theory of gaming "if it is not obscure, it is crap"; I present my own attempt at a review of a gaming model kit. 

A few months ago I scored a deal on the 'bay' for two packs of Proxie Models (http://proxiemodels.com/) "Mobile Artillery".  I paid $10 for both packs delivered.  Each pack contains three complete 15mm models (they do offer other sizes as well). 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

While the Ant(on) is away the House Martin will play

While Anton is off indulging his addiction to obscure stone structures in "Satan's Crotch" (Florida anytime between April1 and December1)  I decided to have a small game or two with my kids.  This first was a simple All Quiet on the Martian Front game with a small Martian force commanded by my 12 year old (2 Scout Tripods and 2 Assault Tripods = 700 points) taking on an entrenched American force commanded by my 7 and 10 year olds (10 preplaced land mines, 3 squads of Heavy Infantry, 1 Machine Gun squad, and 1 Platoon of Baldwin Mark III steamer tanks = 550 points)  There is no point system to account for placed land mines and letting most of the human units to be dug in significantly increasing their staying power so I have the Martians a 20ish% advantage to balance the scenario. 

On Turn 1 the Martians entered the board with two Scout Tripods and fired on a couple of blips but managed to miss completely then continued their advance which forcably revealed the blips one was a Heavy squad and the other a dummy blip.