Thursday, November 25, 2021

Et Finis! Just under the wire I get my Prussian Brigade completed


completed at 23:24hrs on 24NOV21, just minutes ahead of the deadline

       For once in my wargaming life I have managed to get a project completed on schedule. It is a very different feeling, frankly I'm not used to it. The toughest part was letting the Vallejo Matte spray dry before touching the minis (it is a top-flight product but takes forever to dry). Along the way I knocked together some sabot bases for my guns and gunners; this allows me to keep them as individual items in case I want to play a skirmish game with them at some later point.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

'Rounding the turn and into the Homestretch!

        In a desperate effort to meet my deadline I stayed up until 3am pounding away at the gunners and guns. This morning I added a few last details and gave them a coat of varnish. All that remains is to base them and I'm finished with this entire force. 

Old Glory really did a good job of casting these minis, no flash, very few mold lines
if I had ordered these minis back when I ordered the cavalry I wouldn't have to be in such a rush

I'm not quite happy with the gun barrels,
 more shading and a few highlights might make the difference

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

From Bag To Basic Paint

Old Glory did a great job casting these, hardly a trace of a mold-line and no flash at all

       Having lost the last weekend of painting to family matters I sat down last night and got serious about getting these done by my self-imposed  deadline of Thanksgiving. I cleaned based and primed the minis before dinner and hit it pretty hard last night. The guns need to be toned down and the carriages will get a thin black wash. The gunners are a mass of tiny details that I will have to struggle through.

        And as soon as they are finished I can get back to my other distraction ......

I found that I had  two boxes of Victrix Old Guard, 
so I am also building four over-strength battalions of Imperial Guard;
two Chassuers and two Grenadiers, thirty figures each


Friday, November 19, 2021

AD1813 Project, Objective in Sight!

a few dots of superglue and a dash of paint and I will be done!

         Much to my amusement I got a package today from the USPS. A small box but weighty. My Old Glory 25s Prussian guns and gunners had arrived! The last hurdle in my push to complete my Prussian Brigade by Thanksgiving  now only demands to be painted and my task will be complete. Let us see if I can manage it in just five days.

         Kudos again to the good people at Old Glory Miniatures who got the minis cast and posted  package to me in just over a week!

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Further progress with the AD1813 project

the half-empty bases in the back are my unfinished Landwehr battalions

        All that remains is a few Landwehr and a couple of batteries of guns, what a relief! Having finally gotten my painting "mojo" back this has been the most intense period of painting in years. 186 figures (30 of which are cavalry) in less than a month with just sixteen gunners and sixty or so more infantry left to go. I'm not sure if I will hit my self-imposed deadline of being finished by Thanksgiving but I'm going to give it my best.

Jagers to the front!  the green uniforms is a relief in this sea of blue

that space between the generals is where the artillery would be if I hadn't waited to order them
despite being made up of figures from four different manufacturers (Warlord, Perry Brothers, Wargames Atlantic and Old Glory 25s) the figures all seem to work together fairly well

the poor Landwehr are currently rather badly understaffed, I hope to remedy that very quickly

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Gaming Update 13NOV21

 Rich Uncle Pat will be hosting a game at his house 13NOV21 at 630pm

Be there!

Monday, November 8, 2021

Further down the Rabbit Hole; Send In The (now painted) Cavalry

        So, my order from Old Glory came in  (very promptly and exactly as ordered, hats off to the crew over at Old Glory ) and I am off to the races painting the cavalry component of my Prussian Brigade. Clean-up on lead minis was a bit of work as I am very much out of practice but the models were cleanly cast with no flash and very little by way of flow-channels left so that went rather quickly. Then it was time to get out the "Devil's Minion"* and hot-glue the models onto painting sticks. Now they are primed and ready to go!

thirty cavalry, twenty troopers and ten officers/trumpeters/standard-bearers