Thursday, November 11, 2021

Further progress with the AD1813 project

the half-empty bases in the back are my unfinished Landwehr battalions

        All that remains is a few Landwehr and a couple of batteries of guns, what a relief! Having finally gotten my painting "mojo" back this has been the most intense period of painting in years. 186 figures (30 of which are cavalry) in less than a month with just sixteen gunners and sixty or so more infantry left to go. I'm not sure if I will hit my self-imposed deadline of being finished by Thanksgiving but I'm going to give it my best.

Jagers to the front!  the green uniforms is a relief in this sea of blue

that space between the generals is where the artillery would be if I hadn't waited to order them
despite being made up of figures from four different manufacturers (Warlord, Perry Brothers, Wargames Atlantic and Old Glory 25s) the figures all seem to work together fairly well

the poor Landwehr are currently rather badly understaffed, I hope to remedy that very quickly


  1. Nice Glad your are not doing

    1. Do you have Russians?
      Can't have too many of those guys....

  2. No I have Austrians in the box. Along with frogs and