Monday, August 26, 2013

Sad News and a Great Loss to his Friends UPDATE!!! 2nd UPDATE!!!!


I have just been informed that the service for Steve has been scheduled for 1SEP13 at 1600 hrs at the  American Legion Hall (there is a tank out front) 5551 Boardman Road Southwest, South Boardman MI 49680, near Kalkaska off Hwy 131 south of Kalkaska. 

Thus the meeting at my place is cancelled and you are all directed to that location, sorry for the short notice but this info came to me at 21:55hrs 28AUG13

My grand daughter was playing with my phone and it goes straight to voicemail, she also erased all of the phone numbers in it, anybody that knows Garrie H's number please advise him of the sad news. Also check over the other names in the email addresses and try to contact anybody that I have left out.

Thanks All

This is how I will always remember him; 
The Philosopher-King of Anastasia Beach

     It is with a heavy heart that I break my Summer silence to report the loss of my dear and great friend; Steve B. has died. Steve hasn't been a regular feature of our games for a few years now (the commute from Jacksonville was a bit taxing) but he is one of the founding members of our gaming group. His ready wit and humor made gaming with him a real joy. He was always ready to try new periods or rules and could reason his way through even the most convoluted Barkeresque rulespeak.

     Away from the games table Steve was the guy who could make a friend even before the first handshake. He was one of those Great Souls that seemed to fit perfectly into every group or place that he encountered. A man possessed of a brilliant mind and active body Steve had Degrees in History and Philosophy, he spoke Latin and Greek, he also was a formidable competitor in many forms of mixed martial arts and a fencing instructor and competitor, as well as a crew leader for Habitat for Humanity.

      He certainly was a welcome sight every time he crossed my threshold.

                   It pains me beyond words to think that he will never do so again.

                   The world seems smaller and darker now that he is gone.

      On Sunday, 1SEP13 at 1600hrs I will be hosting a small gathering of Steve's friends at my place, I will provide a bottle or two of mead, all you need bring is your fondest memories of our great friend Steve.

     The circle grows smaller, please remember our friends Steve P. and Little John that have preceded Steve into the Wargamer's Valhalla.

     Mark your friends well, and mind their keeping.