Fortified Places

 Here are links to the photo essays of fortified places that I have been fortunate enough to visit.

Fort Caroline 


Fort Watagua 

Tellicoe Blockhouse

Old Fort Jackson



Fort Loudoun

Fort King George

Fort Meigs

Fort Matanzas

Fort Stueben

Castillo de San Marcos

Fort Clinch

Fort DeSoto

Fort Christmas

Fort Pulaski

Fort Michilimackinac

Fort Holmes
San Marcos de Apalache

Fort Pickens

Other sites of interest: is the product of the patient genius of a fellow who works in magnificent anonymity. It is a pictorial listing of almost 300 starforts. There are galleries of forts that the author has visited. Full of information and plenty of humorous side-notes this is a most entertaining website. Visit it after you have bought a comfy will be there for hours! 

     JJ 's Wargames blog is written by Jonathan Jones it is concerned largely with Wargaming but, being British, he has far better access to forts in Spain. He has published fort visits similar to mine on his blog such a visit Ciudad Rodrigo, a much besieged fortress on the Spanish/Portuguese border and a visit to the battlefield of Salamanca as well as the Napoleonic Retreat to Corunna and a two part walk along Offa's Dyke in Jolly Old England .   

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