Sunday, May 30, 2021

Fortified Places Fort Watagua

 satellite view of Fort Watagua from Google earth
I (rather inexpertly) erased the modern amphitheater from the picture

       A recent trip took me into eastern Tennessee, always on the lookout for places of historic interest (there are more than a few in that area) I took the opportunity to visit Fort Watagua, a reconstruction located in the Sycamore Shoals State Historic Park. The park alone is well worth a visit but the interpretive center and reconstructed fort are top-notch. The rich history is explored through the visitor's center displays and multi-media presentations and is most evocative. This link to Wikipedia provides a good background to the development of the area in Pre-Revolution times.

the straight white lines indicate the location of the palisades
going with the theory that a picture is worth a thousand words
 I'm going to save myself a load of typing and group the photos by the location that they were taken at

Photo positions 1 and 2, the western blockhouse



Photo position 3, main gate

Position 4 Northwest wall

Position 5, the Northern Corner 

Position 6, the Northwestern Gate

 Position 7, the Eastern Blockhouse


Position 8, The Southeastern Blockhouse 


 Position 9, The Southwestern Blockhouse

Position 10 the Southeastern Palisade

Position 11, a clockwise Panoramic view from the center of the fort


 Position 12, Blockhouse interior

Position 13, the Privy and some chimney detail

Position 14, the baking oven

Position 15,  Woodcutter's cabin

Position 16, Eastern Blockhouse

 Position 17, Northeastern Gate

Position 18, The Public House interior (northern blockhouse)

Inside the Interpretive Center
        There is really very little that I can add to the fine displays that were presented in the Interpretive Center so I just took pictures of the displays and placards so that you have what amounts to a photographic walk-through. 







  1. Thank you so much for a great report and superb photos. It is most enlightening and enjoyable.

    1. My pleasure, I am in the fortunate position of being retired and in good enough health (physical and financial)to travel extensively. I feel it an honor and duty to share these historic places with my fellow gamers.

  2. Thanks John for post about the Fort. There is so much history in Tennessee. Unfortunately my brother in law is a stick in the mud. A retired UAW worker. He is completely bored. Now my sister in law just loves all the history. A retired Detroit teacher. I wish we would move to the Knoxville area. Great place to live

  3. Now this clarifies your absence and I see it will spent. Great photos and the history, very cool.