Sunday, May 9, 2021

Not Even Half-way Finnished

        Having built a slew of Russian aircraft last week I pushed ahead to try to complete a portion of the opposing Finnish force. The air force that served Finland in the Winter War and in the Continuation War was a polyglot accumulation of aircraft that were secured from a wide variety of  sources. A good many planes continued to served well past their "best if used by " date simply because there was no alternative.  I have but a few of the types that flew with the Finns but will continue to add to the collection as opportunity allows. As it stands now I have a pair of Fokker D XXIs and a single Curtiss Model 75 (known here in the States as a P-36).

I reviewed and built the Revell P-36 here,
 it is a nice little model that goes together very well

sources give a host of different color schemes, 
but this seemed the most common

the Fokker D XXI is an elegant little plane with very clean lines
the paint scheme is quite striking too!

aside from the near-total lack of interior it is an excellent model

and there they are with some of their friends, 
I think that I need to focus on one front for a while 
until I can get enough aircraft for a decent game


  1. I don't post to TMP anymore but read sometimes. I wonder if your issue with Google stems from someone seeing the swaztika on the plane above and that was the source of a complaint about your blog - though doesn't explain both unless someone figured guilt by association. We live in a time when ignorance is bliss describes a vast percentage of the American population. I doubt 2 in 100 know that the swastika is very common in many cultures across many centuries of history - it wasn't just the nazis. Admit I don't know why it is on Finnish plane, though. Maybe my own ignorance of that conflict.

    1. I hope that isn't the case.
      The swastika is an ancient Finno-Ugaritic good luck symbol dating back a least 5000 years. The Tibetans and Iroquois also used it for the same reason (and possibly the same source). The Finns adopted it as a marking for their air force before the Nazis came into power.

      If it is the reason then it is a testament to the inadequate education that most schools provide, the incredibly sloppy screening of the tyrant Google and the sheer laziness of the Google staff (they could have used their own search engine to check into the history of the Finnish struggle with the Communists and read the Wiki article on it).