Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Goodies from halfway around the world


a couple of additions to the "spats" collection, a couple more for the "Polish" collection 
and a big "What were they thinking" with a Caudron CR 714

        I find it odd that when I am digging through Ebay  that I can often find cheaper kits and MUCH lower shipping when I look at sources overseas. I located these brand new models coming out of Poland from a source called Sukceno with an average price of $5.50US and shipping in the same amount they were cheaper than old kits for sale here in the 'States. Service was excellent, each kit was bubble wrapped then put back in the box which was wrapped and sealed in plastic-wrap the whole groups was then packed in another larger box and well padded with styrofoam and bubble wrap. Shipping took less than the three weeks that were suggested at the time of the order and he combined the shipping costs saving me even more! I highly recommend this service.


  1. On the Caudron, you simply lack Commitment to the cause.

    I admit by all basic measurements they were terrible planes for their time. But they still kicked butts!

    In Combat they shot down more of the enemy then they got shot down, (12 to 9) And most of their confirmed kills were against fighters (8 of the 12)! Besides , They look "MAH-va-lous!" And we all know that in the French military looking good is MUCH more important than being good. These beautiful planes, flown by lunatic, virulently anti NAZI Polish Pilots, performed better than ANYONE would have anticipated, or logically could have expected the planes to perform.

    The Caudron C.714 is a fantastic piece of aviation history. It should have failed like a swordfish in a dog fight, but it was a winner despite its performance short comings.

    1. Even the patently desperate Finns refused to fly them! Only the gloriously valiant Poles would dare to fly such an aircraft!

  2. Great selection of planes. Sadly, my Caudron got utterly squashed during a move many years ago, and never made it to a flight stand. It was a good looking plane though.

  3. They flew alright as long as you were in normal conditions, Nothing is made to work in Finland, things are MADE to function once they get there, but nothing is designed to work there. The Caudron were just slow, clumsy flyers, and undergunned (really, four 7mm MG's). Making them outclassed in everyway by an ME-109. It was suicidal to fly them against the Nazi's, but God bless the Poles, they flew worse planes against them!