Monday, May 3, 2021

Three Polikarpovs Fly Into a Bar........


this weekend's efforts....three Polikarpovs (one in Chinese colors) and a Corsair

       In my efforts to get a sufficient force together for a game of Check Your Six (or something to that effect) I decided to stop pussy-footing around and get into production mode. I broke out two of my old Revell I-16 kits, a Heller I-153 and an old Testors Corsair kit. The Revell I-16 has been reviewed previously as has the Heller I-153  and both are pretty straightforward builds. Dating back to 1953 the Testors Corsair kit is a weird combination of engraved panels lines and poor casting. As a static model it would be much better because little effort was made by the designers to make the parts fit in a "wheels up" mode. It is a primitive kit but will do the job as air-support. 

        The Revell I-16 kit benefits from having a complete set of "wheels up" landing gear doors while the Heller I-153 has all the parts but leaves you to figure out the assembly in the retracted position on your own. One of the I-16s and the I-153 were painted for the Russian Front in the period of 1939 through 1942, medium green and bold red stars. The remaining I-16 was painted in nationalist Chinese markings of dark green upper surfaces, a striped tail and roundels on the light blue underside. The Corsair got the all navy-blue colors for the Korean conflict (it is destined to my friend Rich's collection).

       Now I just need to get some opponents finished........


  1. Dude you so have to paint up some Soccer Wars stuff using the Corsairs, that would be an awesome convention game. I’d play!