Monday, August 27, 2012

A Little Housekeeping

Sorry about the lack of postings lately but August has been a bit of a shambles.

I will be getting back to the regular book, model and rules reviews as the Fall advances.

In-house there are a few things we need to address, the lagging players in the Gorka-Morka campaign need to get caught up (you know who you are) so that I can close out the campaign and we can award the trophy.

With current developments I will probably only be able to host games three weekends a month. I would like some specific and positive input as to what sort of games people would like to see. Time will be even further compressed as the Holidays approach so running games that everybody is interested in becomes all the more important.

I would like to set aside a Saturday (a long Saturday, say noon straight thru) to run a short SAGA campaign, I will need help from Gary and Mike in this regard, so get in touch with me about this you two.

Rich Uncle Pat's AK-47 campaign is still in the offing, perhaps this could fit into the Wednesday slot abandoned by the GoMo campaign.

Please respond in the Comments, I really want to know what you WANT to play; not what you don't want to play (you can always stay home if you don't want to play). Of course anyone wishing to put on a game, or host one at their home, is free to throw their hat in the ring.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

28mm Victrix Spartans and Osprey Spartan Warrior

     OK, now they are ganging up on me! I walked into the local brick & mortar to find (prominently displayed) both the Victix 28mm plastic Spartans and the new Osprey Warrior Series #163 title "Spartan Warrior". Being a sucker for the heroes of Thermopylae and for any ancient subject from Osprey I took this as sign from the powers on high to indulge myself in a sample of both. As they only sold by the book or by the box I soon left with one of each.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Warlords 28mm Natal Native Contingent

      Hot on the heels of the Zulus (however unlikely that would be in reality) come Warlord Games Natal Native Contingent. Crisply cast in a medium gray plastic these represent the local troops recruited by the British for the Zulu War. Commanding them are two metal Officer figures that are equally well-done. This fills a large void in the plastic Zulu War realm as many thousands of these troops were employed during the war.

box art, evocative and illustrative at the same time

Some really good stuff

     Other than frothing about better than average wargaming figures I rarely do product endorsements of any kind, but, in this case, I am going to commit myself to a full-fledged, no-holds-barred, flat-out endorsement. Rustoleum has released a line of spray paint/primer; Painter's Touch Ultra Cover. This says it has twice as much coverage as regular paint, being the eternal skeptic I thought to myself "Yeah. Right" and bought a can of each to give it a try. Fully expecting to encounter a slightly better coverage and a bit of a sheen I was amazed and pleased to find FAR better coverage and an absolutely dead-flat finish (even when spraying the gray over fluorescent yellow poster-board). This stuff covers! So far I have seen it in black, white and gray, gloss and flat. If. like me, you use spray paint to prime your minis this is something you want to try. So far I have used it on wood, card, metal and plastic with uniformly good results. At US$6.00 a can this beats the pants off of most other spray primers and absolutely slays "hobby primers". The coverage is thin, consistent and ultra-fine (no lumpiness or graininess here) with little risk of runs, sags or drips (at least in the flat colors, I didn't try the gloss). Get Some!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Six Bitters completed (well two at least)

I have completed two of the eight Six-Bitters so far and (as they will all look alike) decided to give everybody a look at the new twins.

the Six-Bitters being almost full scale shows the level 
of foreshortening the Armored Cruiser experienced 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

IDF vs. PLA, Refugee Camps near Tyre, July 1982

In our continuing Lebanese Civil War “campaign”, Rich Uncle Pat decided to put the Israelis through a wringer, giving them the densest urban terrain they had seen yet. Previously, the campaign had them in the wonderful orchards of rural Lebanon trying to push a column through, getting delayed and leading to a strategic SNAFU. This strategic SNAFU required Israeli forces to push into the nice suburbs of Tyre to secure a crossroads, allowing a Merkava I Platoon to successfully get to where they needed to be because they got "lost" trying to keep on schedule.

Well, did you wonder where they actually needed to get to? The real reason?