Friday, August 3, 2012

Six Bitters completed (well two at least)

I have completed two of the eight Six-Bitters so far and (as they will all look alike) decided to give everybody a look at the new twins.

the Six-Bitters being almost full scale shows the level 
of foreshortening the Armored Cruiser experienced 

the Six-Bitters are shortened by about 15%, the cruiser about 60%

ready to sail the seas

markings still need to added, probably YP-### series

many of the finer details were left off to keep the model a playable vessel

but I couldn't help myself, 
the brass doorknobs help relieve the overall gray color

     I have learned a few things making these models that I will be using on further projects. I am working on the article suggested by a reader asking that I detail my tools and methods, it might be a little while coming as there are a few other things (not involving blue-board) I want to complete.


  1. nice boats! the brass gives a little touch of colour at them and it's fine.

  2. Lookin' good. However, about 5mins of weathering on each, maybe some washes or powders would make them look a million dollars.