Friday, November 30, 2018

Just a little post for Stew

Stew, you have been a constant source of encouragement regarding my Lace Wars Project so I thought I would throw out a visual treat. I had a test-game planned for Thursday evening but a personal emergency led to a last-minute cancellation. The table was all set up and I plan on running the game with the latest edition of my Nine Years War rules this Saturday, but in the mean time take a look at the pretty toys! I have to get one of those backdrops with the idyllic hills and drifting clouds.

I was trying for a Spanish look but now it seems more Italian countryside 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Scratchbuilt Ironclad Cruiser 28mm (return to Rivet City)

yeah, that's what I was talking about!

     Having decided what I am going to present at Spartacon2019 I realized that I needed to add to my Predreadnought Fleets. The French have been on the losing end of more games than the Prussians so I decided that they would get the first of the reinforcements. There was a spare model from my most recent boat giveaway so I figured I would start with that one.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Oops! I did it again....Ship Happens Part VII (Updated)

when will I ever learn....

     In a move that was sure to set back my already tardy painting schedule I decided to make another ironclad; a monitor this time, to oppose the Confederate casement ironclad. Having not yet shipped out the promised models (apologies to all who asked for one) I copied the monitor model and set to work. This has proved to be another deceptively simple design that requires a stunning number of rivets.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Sometimes Things Just Happen Part VI, Accidental Ironclad

it was almost inevitable, wasn't it?

     A little while back I was playing around with my Proxxon Hot Wire cutter (how many of these stories start that way?)   and knocked up some ACW style ironclads. Knowing the danger such things presented to my painting schedule I offered them up to anyone who would like one. Most went to good homes. Sadly this orphan was left alone. 
     Having an afternoon free I considered just chucking it in the bin and getting back to my Lace Wars cavalry schedule, but, once I had picked it up I got to thinking how simple a job it would be. The next thing I knew I was gluing things into place and cutting index card to represent the railroad irons that the Confederates used for armor. Of course after a few hours I was in too deep to quit so I plunged on and finished the job. This is where we stand now; just waiting fore the rivets to dry so I can start painting. Another pointless project, I don't even game ACW in 28mm!
     This is how things played out.....

Sunday, November 4, 2018

ACW Ironclads perhaps?


     As only one person took me up on my offer of a D.I.Y. Predreadnought (you can see his model in the back there) and the fact that I had a stressful week and needed to blow off some steam (yes, I know, more bad puns) I decided to try my hand at some ACW style craft. I got out my trusty Proxxon Hot Wire Cutter  and started cutting blueboard. After just about an hour I found myself with these six models. One is spoken for (the torpedo cruiser in the left rear) the rest are up for grabs as I don't game ACW in 28mm. I tried to make them big enough that 28mm figures won't look hugely oversize when on or near them but small enough to be manageable on a game table. All the models are just rough-cut blue board shapes in need of assembly, sanding and details (as is covered under the tab above "Adventures in Blueboard amd Foamcore") If you like I will provide thinly sliced strips of blue board to represent timber or ironcladding.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Pro or Con 2018

     Another Pro or Con has come and gone. This year was again notable for several  spectacular games: from Hastings presented by Rodney Cain (of Flintcon fame) using the soon-to-be-published rules "Triumph"which was instantly recognizable from across the room with serried ranks of 28mm Saxons facing off with the ever-formidable Norman knights, to  "Charlie Don't Surf" using the TFL rules of the same name and featuring the claustrophobic Mekong Delta also in 28mm, and joined by "Mad Dogs With Guns" and "Gangs of Rome", two games with wonderful terrain that looked at the actions of criminal organizations twenty centuries apart. That is not to slight the other beautiful and well-organized games that filled the hall.  Below you will find a brief review of the games that I saw, my apologies to anybody that I missed, but I was running a game in the first session.

Senlac Hill: can William earn his sobriquet "The Conqueror"