Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Oops! I did it again....Ship Happens Part VII (Updated)

when will I ever learn....

     In a move that was sure to set back my already tardy painting schedule I decided to make another ironclad; a monitor this time, to oppose the Confederate casement ironclad. Having not yet shipped out the promised models (apologies to all who asked for one) I copied the monitor model and set to work. This has proved to be another deceptively simple design that requires a stunning number of rivets.

the all-iron deck doesn't help with the rivet count at all

but, I have to confess, I love all that rivety-goodness

     Now all that is left is the turret, a couple of cannon, a pilot-house, and a smokestack....then some paint.....

     So I got to work on them last night and finished the project.

monitor guns barely protrude at all, but they are massive so I needed a large bore,
 I made them by wrapping card around a bit of dowel

these were unceremoniously thrust into rectangular slots cut into the turret face

another "look-check" before I glued things in place

just needs paint now

the large bright yellow areas were where I had messed up a rivet and had to
 wipe it away before it dried; I just wish I could get yellow paint to cover so well

I changed my mind and decided that the turret needed to be further forward

 just like selling a house; a fresh coat of paint makes everything look better

profile view

the model was painted flat black using Americana "Lamp Black" and then heavily 
(and now that I see it in the photo, unevenly) drybrushed with Charcoal grey

the monitor was joined by the other distraction

now that I have these done I might just get back to my Lace Wars cavalry project 

     This little aside has dragged me a fair distance off the beaten path; I don't game ACW in 28mm (I don't game it in 15mm either, I mooch off of my buddy Tom who has a massive collection) so these models have no real application at all. Now I have to decide to either give/sell/trade them away or to enter the Vault and find my boxes of Perry Brothers ACW plastics..............


  1. Dude your scratch building is crazy awesome!

  2. Are the rivets those "DOT" candies that come on the paper ribbons?

  3. Amazing - really very well done. I also like the tribute in your post title - to be honest, I didn't expect you to be such a big Brittany Spears fan.

    1. I'm not really a fan, but I had three daughters that were growing up where Brittany was at her peak, the songs were inescapable

  4. A nicely done distraction. But I’m retirement you have nothing but time right? 😀
    But still it’s a hobby and we should do whatever strikes us as fun.

    1. Stew, I think this is my way of venting stress, it sure beats trying to do yoga! But the distraction is keeping me away from my next unit in the Lace Wars cavalry, a unit that you will find particularly pleasing as they are ALL waving swords :)

  5. You might like to know Tom Granbau is painting up a 28mm USA and a CSA 28mm army for ACW skirmish. Need some river boats with the cotton bale armor. Mike
    P.S. Invited you to a modern 28mm 1973 US/Soviet clash at my place Saturday evening.

    1. I had a timberclad in the original set, I would be more than happy to cut out another one as long as somebody else is tying the bales for the "armor". Tell Tom that I have a box (36 figs, I think) of Perry's Confederates painted up and two sets of Union artillery complete with limbers that I would happy to bring to a game