Sunday, November 4, 2018

ACW Ironclads perhaps?


     As only one person took me up on my offer of a D.I.Y. Predreadnought (you can see his model in the back there) and the fact that I had a stressful week and needed to blow off some steam (yes, I know, more bad puns) I decided to try my hand at some ACW style craft. I got out my trusty Proxxon Hot Wire Cutter  and started cutting blueboard. After just about an hour I found myself with these six models. One is spoken for (the torpedo cruiser in the left rear) the rest are up for grabs as I don't game ACW in 28mm. I tried to make them big enough that 28mm figures won't look hugely oversize when on or near them but small enough to be manageable on a game table. All the models are just rough-cut blue board shapes in need of assembly, sanding and details (as is covered under the tab above "Adventures in Blueboard amd Foamcore") If you like I will provide thinly sliced strips of blue board to represent timber or ironcladding.

a ruler to lend a sense of scale

the timberclad paddle-wheeler, I was tempted to finish this one myself

a brace of Confederate ironclads

and the Union's answer, two monitors

     I will send the models to the persons who reply first in the comments section. One model each. If there is demand for more I might just put together a production run, so don't be put off if the model you want is spoken for already. BTW the offer on Pre-Dreadnoughts still stands, so speak up if you want something.


  1. I'd like one or more. I do 28mm rules and these would be great for demo games. I'm Lee at and like the Side Wheeler. Thank you! Lee

  2. Your a 1 man 3D printing machine, without the machine, nice dude!


  3. Anton, awesome builds! Are you going to finish any of them?