Adventures in Blue Board and Foamcore

     This is a listing of the posts covering our projects built in Blue Board and Foamcore. It occurred to me that they appear in the blog in reverse order as you scroll down and my sometimes creative titles might not be clear to someone scrolling through the list of postings. A few of these are still "Works in Progress" and I will add to/update this list as time goes by.
     While anyone can cut foamcore with a matte knife I have found that making precise cuts in blueboard requires a special tool. My weapon of choice is the Proxxon Thermocut 115E; which I affectionately refer to as "Proxxie".  This tool functions as a table-saw and jigsaw would for woodworking allowing very clean and repeatable cuts. I find it invaluable.



Trenches for the Quar

Planning stages, ideas and sketches

Roughing-in the layout and cutting foam

Starting the shell-holes and other details

Blending-in the shell-holes and taking care of some rough edges

Debris and texture

Drybrushing and adding some foliage

Starting the sandbags

Finishing the sandbags (at last!)

A shattered woods

Barbed wire

Crating it all up 



  Star Wars Trench Run model

An idea is born! Star Wars Trench Run, just like the movie

Details, details...........Good Heavens there are a lot of details! 

A coat of paint really ties it al together

A test-run of the game 

Crating it up for the convention 


 28mm Scottish Bastle House 

A request from a friend leads to a new project

The buildings get a stone exterior and the roof gets shingles

 The Great House gets a barmkin and a barbican!

Windows and gunports are added

A cook-house and a stable are added

House of the humble folk and some other details

The structures are all completed and the painting is beginning

 Attending to some details

The first coat of paint is complete

A second coat gives it a better look

Painting each stone individually

 Second thoughts about that idea

A more subtle approach

Interior decorating, Part I

Interior decorating, Part II

Weathering and some finishing touches


1/56th Scale British MK IV male
 On a whim I built this model 

And then I painted it

1/200 scale British A Class destroyers
Cutting the hulls and building the deckhouses and bridges 
Scratchbuilding the 4.7" guns 
Additional details 
Final paint job and assembly
And then there is the second one

1/200 scale H.M.S. Dauntless
 A friend needed a boat built
So I went about it in my usual way
Then I had to paint it (of course)
And I added some detail, just because

The Island of Pinatella
It started with a tiny starfort
Which expanded into an island
Where I scratchbuilt everything
Including the town

Mediterranean/Caribbean Village

World War One Trenches

The Dramatic Hills

And the less dramatic dunes

The Ork Temple

 The Armored Cruiser

The Protected Cruiser

The Torpedo Gunboat

The 75' Coast Guard picket boat aka "Six Bitter"

Makin' Mektown

The Panther/Nemesis Saga, or how a small project got entirely out of hand and  ended up generating two boats instead of one small one.

The Tramp Steamer

The Dupuy de Lome (sort of)


The Accidental Battleship

Fort Matanzas, a real scale model for once!

Let's Build a Pirate Ship
 (and other Reckless Diversions)

The Frontier Fort of Kelnore

Way too long at sea; Another tramp steamer


A Pair of Gunboats

The Starfort
At the Convention; Part I  and Part II

The Aztec Temple

The Kearsarge

Sabot Bases from blueboard
Tutorial on how to make your own; any size, any shape
Painting and flocking the bases 

The Keep

 CSA Ironclad 

Union Monitor

The Ruins of Remagen

The Coliseum

The Hexagonal Tower  

The Afghan Village

A 15mm Sconce


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