Thursday, May 25, 2023

Windows and gunports on the bastle house


the odd downward-pointing spoon shaped gunports of the 1500s 

        Putting together the large parts of a building project is always the fun part. Things like stonework and shingles are tedious but require little more than patience and time. Adding detail is something that really brings a model to life and adds defining character. It also demands some research to get the period-specific items right. Between the Osprey Fortress series Strongholds of the Border Reivers and the internet it was simple enough to get a good idea of what the general appearance of a bastle house looked like. Sturdy buildings built by practical people there was little of the fancy elements you would find on a cathedral or palace. Windows were small and the gunports were practical rather that fancy, the most common element of display was the use of different colored stone in the construction of corner ashlars and the work around doors and windows.

I find it easier to apply the stonework to the entire surface then cut away the part where the window or gunport will be placed, these are "blind" windows i.e. they do not actually go through the wall but are just applied to the surface

the barbican, which controls access to the barmkin, is crucial to the security of the livestock and vassals is provided with all-around fire from gunports and a fighting deck on top which gives an excellent view
the frame on the door is made to work with the barmkin wall and the wall-walk
the smaller house has heavily-framed windows and a gunport on the second floor

this model is made with the floors interchangeable 
so the it can be used in conjunction with the Great House or on its own as a smaller bastle house
when I was done adding details I had a little time left so I got started on the kitchen and stables
this time I remembered to impress the stonework BEFORE I assembled the parts

       The kitchen and stable buildings are simple rectangular structures with few additional details, only a thatch roof will complicate this part of the project. After that I will progress to some simple cottages for the humble folk. Once those are sorted out it will be time to paint all of this little village.


  1. Wow Anton, just amazing looking. I could not ask for more, it is beautiful. At the next Elk's club convention you should only run a morning game, and in the afternoon you can play Border Reivers with me and at least get a chance to play with the cool toys you are building.


  2. That's a lovely bit of building!