Monday, May 29, 2023

Homes for the humble folk and a garret for the roof of the Great House

        The build phase is winding down, I am now finishing up the homes for the average peasant. These are little more than semi-rectangular stone walls with a rough thatched roof and perhaps a tiny window or two. These buildings almost invariably faced to the east to avoid the prevailing winds and to catch the morning light (and warmth). In almost all of these tiny buildings the livestock were kept indoors at night, and not just to avoid predators (human and animal), a cow gives off a surprising amount of heat and would significantly add to the warmth (as well as aroma) of the space. I also made a smaller animal enclosure in the event that Zhodani Commando wanted to portray an attack upon a less wealthy homestead.

three huts, a mini-barmkin and some random stone walls

      While I was building these I spent a moment looking at the Great House and wondering what it was that I had forgotten to add when I was doing the windows. After a while it dawned on me; there needed to be access to the roof, small point in having a roof-walk if there is no way of getting a lookout onto the roof! this tiny detail took a surprising amount of time but I got it sorted out. 



       The thatched roofs for the cottages are in process. As soon as those are finished it will be time to give the workshop a proper clean-up and then it is on to the painting and interiors stage (fortunately these homes were stunningly Spartan when it comes to interior decorating).


  1. Very keen attention to detail, bravo.

  2. The access to the roof is a brilliant add! Truly amazing! Inspiring me to get to start the 1st layers on my mounted Reivers (they have been cleaned, assembled, placed on my trusty painting rods, and primed)