Sunday, October 31, 2021

Gaming Update

        Rich Uncle Pat has canceled the game.  No game tomorrow. 

Saturday, October 30, 2021

What I Found Down That Rabbit Hole

two weeks of steady work and the Regular and Reserve regiments are finished and ready for flocking
       I have always been the sort to get swept up in the enthusiasm for a bright shiny new project, particularly if it involves a bunch of friends and a favorite historical period. So, when it happened that some of the guys at Bastion Gaming Center began building armies of 28mm Napoleonic  soldiers I was all in. I already had the figures from buying boxes to review for the blog and I found that my painting mojo had returned after finishing the Victrix Hoplites; it was off to the races. In just two weeks I found myself flocking bases. Honestly it was very satisfying to get a project under way in such a short period of time (there ARE advantages to being retired!). 

Friday, October 29, 2021

Everything has turned to Dust


      Have you ever wondered what was before Warhammer 40K? WAY before 40K? I don't mean in our chronology, I am referring to the world that would eventually give rise to a galactic Empire, a world spawned in 2K. Dust is that world.

          Dust gives you a peek at an alternate world history wherein alien tech is exploited by the warring sides in WW2 and gives rise to endless warfare using strange weapon systems (that look like the predecessors of the weapons systems we find in 40K). It is a stand-alone world of alternate history and is supported by some truly stunning models. In a special arrangement with a significant collector of Dust products Bastion Gaming Center can now offer the collectors of this interesting range of miniatures access to a comprehensive assortment of Dust products at very reasonable prices. 

now, that's a Dusty shelf!

the models are highly detailed
some even come pre-painted

       Dust has been out of production for some time so selection is limited and prices continue to climb. If you are a fan of this genre drop by and take a look at what is available.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Historical Saturday at Bastion Gamining Center October 30th 1pm, Egyptians vs Assyrians


is that a kopesh in your pocket, or are you happy to see me? Rameses lead his men into combat

       Starting a series of  historically-theme games Bastion Gaming Center will be hosting an open gaming event this Saturday at 1pm. The featured game will use the store's Egyptian and  Assyrian armies in 28mm using Hail Caesar rules. There is plenty of space for anyone who would like to participate and lots of spare tables if you would like to bring your own forces and play in the store.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Gaming Update 30OCT21 my place 7pm

 As it stands now we will be playing at my place on 30OCT21 at 7pm. 

f I get time this week I will put something spooky together for Halloween

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Gaming Update: Game at my place 23OCT21 at 7pm

       The troops will gather at my place this Saturday October 23rd at 7pm.

Be there!

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Hey Look!! Another Rabbit-Hole to go down

        The guys at Bastion Gaming Center were all building forces in 28mm to play Napoleonics using  Black Powder rules. I already had piles of plastic that I had either bought to review or had acquired through trades. Happy to fuel the fire I let some boxes go at a discount to the guys that were assembling their armies. As I looked through the Hill of Guilt (the plastic one, the metal figures are stored in the Mountain of Shame) it occurred to me that I could build a Prussian force for the 1813 campaign only needing a unit of cavalry and a couple of cannon. Of course I fell for it!

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Gaming Update 16OCT21 My Place

 The Housemartin has threatened to bring a bunch of his minis over and take over my gaming table this Saturday. The festivities will begin at 7pm on the 16th of October (I'm sure The Housemartin will be on time) so be there. The subject matter is to be a brush with skirmish gaming during the period of Napoleon.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Star Wars Armada at Bastion Gaming Center this Saturday 9SEP21


        This Saturday, September 9th at 1pm Bastion Gaming Center will be hosting a Star Wars Armada game. This game is open to the public and will be using a sizeable portion of the Center's large collection of of Armada models. If you would like to try your hand at overthrowing The Empire (or crushing the Rebellion for that matter) drop by and give it your best. All materials are provided and no fee is charged.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

A Commitment Finally Honored

        Ages ago, in the Time Before Covid (TBC henceforth) Rod Cain, the genius behind Flintcon and an all-around great guy, asked me to be in charge of the Paint and Take table at Flintcon 2020. I happily agreed, and to provide some subject matter for the nascent artists to work with I busted out a box of Victrix Hoplites and assembled and primed them. To my chagrin the kids seemed far more interested in dragons and heroes than my dull old historical minis so I ended up bringing a good many of them back home. I promised myself that I would get them painted and put them in a project-box in the painting queue.

         Like good soldiers they stood there, patiently waiting to get their coat of paint, as I scratch-built tons of other things (including three 1/200th scale ships and an island with a starfort on it), painted hundreds of figures in 15mm and 28mm, assembled dozens of sailing ships and 1/72 scale aircraft. And yet they waited. Finally I could endure their accusing glare no longer and dusted off the box they had waited in for so very long and got to work. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

A Little Light Reading


time to hit the books, a fire in the fireplace and a good glass of bourbon 

           I had been saving up to purchase a rifle but Helion went and decided to offer 25% off any title in their comprehensive inventory so I had a sudden change of plan. I placed the order on the 28th of September and the package landed on my porch on October 2nd, to say the least I am amazed at the speedy service. This makes a big step toward filling in the gap in my book collection covering the 17th century rather well and touching into the early 18th in addition. The hardest part is trying to decide what to read first. Kudos to Helion for top-rate service and good prices!

Monday, October 4, 2021

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes; Pro or Con 2021 a quick review

       What a pleasure it was to walk through the doors of the Elk's Lodge in Plymouth and see a host of familiar faces and rows of tables waiting to be adorned with toy soldiers! Conventions are back at last.  As was to be expected turnout was lower than in years past but better than one might expect. There were many games on offer and everyone was soon happily rolling dice and moving troops about.

Russian fighters on the prowl

       I presented my 1930s air combat rules Red Stars and Rising Suns with a scenario that had a Japanese attack against a road convoy being intercepted by a Russian fighter patrol. The players picked up on the rules right away and were soon busy shooting each other out of the sky.