Friday, March 22, 2013

Building the Wargames Factory 28mm War of Spanish Succession Artillery

I liked this kit so much that I built it right away (instead of adding it to the ever-growing pile of projects). Aside from a complete lack of instructions it was no problem to build but I can see where someone unfamiliar with 18th century cannon could run into a problem or two. I will point them out as we move along.

removed from the sprue the parts revealed minor mold-lines, 
these cleaned up easily with a sharp X-Acto knife

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wargames Factory 28mm War of Spanish Succession Artillery set

     I found these during a recent visit to Michigan Toy Soldier and I must say that I am glad that I did! Cast is a medium gray hard plastic with crisp detail and nearly no mold lines these are very nice indeed. The uniforms are generic enough that they will do for most combatants (with a little extra work they could extend back to the Dutch War of Devolution and as far forward as the 1740's). The cost of 28mm cannon models has long been an obstacle to having a large collection in this period, these models solve that problem nicely as they come in at about US$20.00 a box complete with crew and tools and have a a bonus of two mounted commanders as well. An excellent deal.

again the dreadful box-art

Monday, March 11, 2013

NEWS FLASH Perry Miniatures set to release 28mm plastic AWI British

Another great entry in the expanding line of Perry Bros. Miniatures British troops for the American War of Independence. And they look lovely! Take a peek:

Monday, March 4, 2013

Blood Bowl Tourney?

This is something that I've been mulling for a while and we sort of tried out when Honest Dan was around. I think now is the time to actually try and execute it, though. Right now I have access to at least 3 computers which can play Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition, each of which can be transported to Anton's house. This means that we could, theoretically, have three games going all at once.

My proposal is this: We should run a quick, however-many-guys tournament this weekend as a proof-of-concept. It would be TV1000 and would stay that way, meaning experience wouldn't be accumulated during the tourney. This way it keeps things simple and we aren't slowed down by guys needing to do their book-keeping immediately after their games. It also would keep things less complex, as we'd all be playing with the standard lists.

For those who read the blog and are in the group: Are you up for this? Since the computer basically does all the rolls and keeps things consistent with the rules, you don't really need to be all that knowledgeable in Blood Bowl to play. So don't think that "lack of knowledge" is a preventative factor here. If you are, I'd prefer you to send me your teams to my email (Which is (my username without spaces) or simply post them here so that I can have them made up beforehand and save us a little time.

If this isn't a good weekend for anyone, however, please speak up. I don't mind moving it to a later date where we can get more people, but I'd like to try it in the next month or so.