Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wargames Factory 28mm War of Spanish Succession Artillery set

     I found these during a recent visit to Michigan Toy Soldier and I must say that I am glad that I did! Cast is a medium gray hard plastic with crisp detail and nearly no mold lines these are very nice indeed. The uniforms are generic enough that they will do for most combatants (with a little extra work they could extend back to the Dutch War of Devolution and as far forward as the 1740's). The cost of 28mm cannon models has long been an obstacle to having a large collection in this period, these models solve that problem nicely as they come in at about US$20.00 a box complete with crew and tools and have a a bonus of two mounted commanders as well. An excellent deal.

again the dreadful box-art

and the even worse rear art, 
have they no one that can paint and photograph a miniature?

the contents are much better, and look! bases

two sprues 

sprue shot, side A

sprue shot, side B

woodgrain on everything, yes!

finely done details on the cannon barrels, 
I am going to use the spare barrel to replace some shabby
 metal ones on kits that I already own

plenty of extra heads

nicely detailed as well

the mounted general looks pompous and self-assured

the gunners come with an assortment of spare arms holding the tools associated with the cannon 
and are well detail and naturally posed, the feet are a tad large to my eye

     These fellows will do double-duty in my collection as garrison in my Pirate Raid game and as gunners in my French and Indian Wars force. These are some very well done miniatures and an astounding value.

      Very Highly Recommended.

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