Monday, May 12, 2014

Frog Garde du Crappe

All Guard Infantry are 20 figures (I recall them being 16, but anyway) per Battalion.  All Artillery is 2 stands per Battery.  All Guard Cavalry is 8 figures per Regiment except those marked with a '*' which are 16 figures. 

Force du Crappe

Here are the final totals for "force du frappe"

This is the French and French Allied Line troops.  The Guard is detailed above. 

Rootin Tootin Putin, this is going to be a LOT of Shootin!

Time for the Big guns in all meanings of the word.  Here are the Russians.  Considering what they went through the year before this many troops in the field still is staggering.  Perhaps certain modern governments should pay attention? 

Establishing Russian "norms" is difficult as the units are all over the place for strengths.  That said, naturally I did it anyway.  Russian Infantry Battalions are considered 8 figures unless otherwise noted (there are a lot of 12's), Russian Cavalry Regiments are 12 figures unless otherwise noted (there are both 8's and 16's),  Russian Cossack Putz are always 8 figures, Russian Artillery Batteries are 3 stands unless otherwise noted (there are some 2's). 

"Shall we Begin?"

Schwartzenberg, Prince of the Realm, it has a nice ring to it!

Everybody disses the Austrians for joining the party last, but when they arrived, they brought the whole Kitchen sink (and no, that is not a comment on their general). 

For the Austrians, all infantry Battalions are 18 figures, all cavalry Regiments are 16 figures unless otherwise noted, all artillery Batteries are 2 stands. 

Der Prussians are coming!

Waltzing into this I presumed that the Prussians would be larger than the Austrians, but that proved totally wrong.  Since I am posting these in order of participation, here comes Blucher and his 'elephants'. 

All infantry Battalions are 12 figures, all cavalry Regiments unless otherwise noted are 8 figures, all artillery are two stands. 


Anton has foolishly allowed me posting permission on his blog (mostly because he does not want to have to type up the Coalition Orbats), let the carnival begin! 

The actual corps and armies will follow, the point here is for all you "No Problems, we got it all" types to step up and claim EXACTLY what they have.  To whit, the French have been up for weeks and no one but Anton has listed their holdings.  To insure that this farce can continue, please feel free to sign up for what you have under any master list, we can sort out what goes in which army later. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

My French

A counterpart to my previous post here are my French Forces;

6x Battalions Legere
33x    "           Line
4x Regiments Cuirassiers
4x    "              Dragoons (three with dismounts)
2x   "              Lanciers
3 x   "             Hussars
3x    "             Chassuers
1 x   "             Mounted Gensdarmes
4x  Batteries Horse artillery
6x       "         Medium foot artillery
2x       "         Heavy foot artillery

there is the lot of them, in no particular order

My Prussians

Quick total of the Prussian force that I own;

2 x Battalions of Jagers
2 x        "        of Fusiliers
2 x         "       of Grenadiers
4 x        "       Musketeers
8  x       "       Reserve Infantry
10x       "       Landwehr Infantry
1 x Regiment Landwehr Lancers
2 x Regiments of Hussars
2 x Regiments of Dragoons
2 x medium artillery batteries

and there they are, well most of them, in textbook formation

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Drums At The Rapids, Fort Meigs Ohio

Up coming gaming convention Drums at the Rapids will be hosted once again at historic Fort Meigs in Perrysburg Ohio, just south of Toledo on the 16th and 17th of May by the good folks of HMGS Great Lakes Chapter. This has the promise of being a fun time as well as being hosted in an historical location. Looks like fun. Be there.

Here is a link to the games they will be running

Monday, May 5, 2014

Note on the Leipzig Orbats

Below you will find the orders of battle that I am working on for the upcoming monster game of Leipzig which is tentatively scheduled for the 5th and/or 6th of July 2014 in Sterling Hgts MI.

Some things to keep in mind when looking at them are;

A Little Lepizig Inspiration

I found this link to the 200th reenactment of the battle.

Some lovely pictures.