Monday, May 12, 2014

Force du Crappe

Here are the final totals for "force du frappe"

This is the French and French Allied Line troops.  The Guard is detailed above. 

INFANTRY All Battalions 12 figures unless otherwise noted
French Line 84 Battalions   John and Gary V have 43 of these
French Legere 40 Battalions   John and Gary V have 12 of these
French Marines 11 Battalions   I will have these, just not sure what color they should be!
French Provisional 8 Battalions, one "Marche"  'Marche' = adhoc, 'Provisional' = prison guards etc.
Polish Line 8 Battalions   Gary V has these
Polish Vistula Legion 2 Battalions     Gary V has these
Italian Guard 1 Battalion     I have this.    
Italian Legere 3 Battalions   I have these
Italian Line 4 Battalions       I have these
Baden Line 6 Battalions 
Baden Jagers 1 Battalion
Saxon Grenadier 2 battalions
Saxon Light 2 Battalions
Saxon Line 2 Battalions
Hessian Guard 4 Battalions
Westphalian Line 2 Battalions
Erfurt Line 2 Battalions
Wurtemburg Line 1 Battalion
Wurtemburg Legere 1 Battalion
Neapolitan Elite 1 Battalion (Interesting term)   I have this
Neapolitan light 1 Battalion (Note not 'Elite')     I have this
Illyrian Line 1 Battalion (18 figures)      I have this one
Wurzburg Line 1 Battalion

ARTILLERY All batteries two guns and 8 (heavy), 6 (medium), or 4 (horse) figures.
French Heavy 7 Batteries   John and I have 3
French Medium 39 Batteries   John has 6
French Horse 22 batteries (all Light)  John and I have 9
Saxon Heavy 1 Battery
Saxon Medium 1 battery
Saxon Horse 5 Batteries (light)
Polish Medium 5 Batteries   Gary V says he has these
Polish Horse 5 Batteries (light)   Gary V says he has these
Italian Medium 2 Batteries       I have these
Italian Horse 1 Battery (light)   I have this
Baden Medium 2 Batteries
Westphalian Medium 2 Batteries
Neapolitan Medium 1 Battery (Still not Elite)    I have this
Hessian Medium 1 Battery (Darmstadt I believe in case it matters)

CAVALRY All regiments 8 figures unless otherwise noted.
French Chasseur 23 Regiments  John has 3 of these   (We are 21 regiments of these short!)
French Hussar 11 Regiments   John has 3 of these   (8 Short)
French Lancers 5 Regiments    John has 2 of these   (3 short)
French Cuirass 7 Regiments   John and I have 6 of these  (1 short)
French Carbinier 2 Regiments   (Currently none in the house)
French Dragoons 16 Regiments    John and I have 6 of these  (13 Short)
French Provisional 4 Regiments   (1 is Chasseur, 3 are Dragoons added to above shortages)   
Polish Cuirass 1 Regiment   Gary V has this
Polish Krakus 1 Regiment (Baring something mirakuru in nature, I have something that will suffice)
Polish Chasseurs 2 Regiments (one over sized)   Gary V has these
Polish Uhlans 4 Regiments   Gary V has these
Wurtemburg Chevaux-Legere 4 Regiments
Saxon Cuirass 2 Regiments
Saxon Uhlan 1 Regiment
Saxon Hussar 1 Regiment
Italian Chasseur 2 Regiments    I have both of these
Italian Dragoons 1 Regiment     I have this one
Neapolitan Chasseurs 1 Regiment (absoluetly not 'Elite'!)   I have this
Baden Dragoon 1 Regiment
Hessian Chevaux-Legere 1 Regiment

So, now all you Frog-o-philes can figure out if these are to hand.


  1. Poles I have covered, 22 battalions. Should have most of the cav except the Krakus. Currently the only one company in England just started making them. Even If I mail order them they won't be done.
    I should have the French Hussars pretty well covered.
    Also it would be nice to email address to contact folks with what I have so they can be post here.

  2. Gary,

    If all else fails just upload them into one of these comments and either John or I , or the others will apply them to the lists with name attached for clarity sake.

  3. This what I have currently painted of the french
    6 Battalions of Light inf
    10 Battalions of French line

    25 battalions of Pole.

    Currently I have a pile of French being painted.

    See my blog for pictures

  4. Polish Cavalry. Not paying close enough attention I have polish cavalry in the works. May not have them all painted in time. Just wanted to post an update